iPhone 5S

iOS 7.1.1 Update Brings Touch ID Improvements
We reported last week that Apple was working on a new incremental software update for iOS. It would be the first such update after the company released iOS 7.1, the first major release since iOS 7.0 was pushed out to the public last last year. Just now Apple has released iOS 7.1.1 for compatible devices. It primarily brings bug fixes, as well as improvements for Touch ID fingerprint sensor on […]

Trade-In Site Sees One Third Of Galaxy S5 Buyers Switching From iPhone
Samsung’s 2014 flagship was one of the most hotly anticipated devices of this year. At MWC in February the company finally unveiled the Galaxy S5. It went on sale on April 11th in more than 150 countries around the world. A lot of customers will be upgrading from their existing phones to get their hands on this new flagship. Mobile trade-in website CompareMyMobile saw over one third, 38 percent to […]

Galaxy S5 Versus HTC One M8, iPhone 5s, Nexus 5 In Torture Test
Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped our phones before, especially brand new ones where your heart actually feels like it skipped a beat at the idea of your brand new, and possibly very expensive smartphone goes crashing to the floor. For the most part our phones are relatively durable and can withstand a drop or two, perhaps with some chipping in the paint and some slight scratches as the result […]

Galaxy S5 Versus iPhone 5s In Biometrics Test
Biometric security appears to be one of the new trends in the mobile industry. Granted it isn’t exactly new per se, but with Apple’s introduction of Touch ID in the iPhone 5s, safe to say that it managed to generate a fair amount of interest from the competition, like Samsung and the Galaxy S5 handset.During our hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, we didn’t really get a lot of […]


New HTC One VS Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, Galaxy Note 2 [Image]
There have been a lot of rumors and leaks about the New HTC One over the past few months. Pictures of the device itself have leaked multiple times, it has even made an appearance on video. Recently a video surfaced online offering a detailed walkthrough of the Sense 6.0 user interface that is set to debut with this new flagship. A new image has now surfaced online which compares HTC’s […]

Asphaleia Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Use Touch ID To Protect Your Apps
One of the features of the iPhone 5s would be its Touch ID sensor. This allows users to unlock their phone and make purchases in the iTunes App Store simply by scanning their fingerprint. However if one were to jailbreak their phone, they could use Touch ID for other purposes.In the past we have seen how Touch ID on a jailbroken iPhone would allow for it to be used as […]

iPhone 5c's Disappointing Performance Seen In China As Well
Before it was officially announced, rumors claimed that the iPhone 5c would be a major win for Apple. That’s because this phone was expected to be competitively priced so much so that it would be as a strong contender in emerging markets. China and India were cited as the two markets where iPhone 5c could perform very well. However when it was unveiled, all rumors about its price went out […]

iPhone 5s Price Slashed By Walmart
There have been rumors concerning the next generation iPhone that has been going around, and even a concept video that depicted the iPhone Air shown, which can only mean one thing – that a new iPhone is definitely in the pipeline, although the exact date of its release remains to be seen or determined. After all, Apple has always done pretty well in the past to hold their cards close […]

iPhone 5s Replacement Given To Soldier 3 Months Later
It was just yesterday when we talked about how a certain Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank’s life was apparently saved by his iPhone when his iPhone 5s managed to absorb some of the impact from the ball bearings and shrapnel from a teenage suicide bomber, and hence it was suspected that his smartphone saved his life while he was on tour in Afghanistan. Part of the iPhone 5s’ metal body was […]

iPhone 5s Continues To Grow As iPhone 5c Lags Behind
If the latest statistics from an analytics firm called Mixpanel are true, then the iPhone could very well be on the verge of accounting for over 20 percent off the entire iPhone market share. If the current flagship’s growth continues at this rate soon enough its going to overtake the iPhone 4S to clinch the second slot of the most popular Apple smartphone. Its plastic touting sibling, the iPhone 5c, […]

Apple's M7 Continues To Track Even When Battery Is Dead
We’re sure many out there rightfully assume that once their phone is turned off, either by choice or if the battery dies, that it just stops working entirely. Well you might be interested to learn that even in the event that a phone’s battery goes flat, there is still a tiny bit of power traveling to certain components, keeping them activated.This is what one iPhone user found out when he […]

iPhone 5s Retains Consumer Interest As iPhone 5c Struggles
Consumer interest and subsequent demand for a product can be quite fluid. The market can be swayed by new competitors offering more bang for the buck as opposed to their rivals, whereas for some its a matter of brand loyalty while some just want to stick with the product that has always worked for them. As the crop of new Android flagships gets ready to hit the market, its worthwhile to […]

Xperia Z2 Vs iPhone 5s & Lumia 1520 In Low-Light Photography Shootout
At MWC 2014 this week, Sony unveiled their latest flagship handset, the Xperia Z2. One of the highlights of the Xperia Z2 would be its camera in which Sony has packed a 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor with Sony’s G-lens. Together with Steady Shot, 4K video recording, and a low-light mode, it certainly sounds the Xperia Z2’s camera packs quite a punch.Now the question is with all that new fangled technology […]

iOS 7.0.5 For iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Released
Apple today rolled out a rather rare iOS firmware update. Its rare because this firmware is only meant for the two new iPhones, and that too in one particular region. iOS 7.0.5 for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c has been released to fix “network provisioning” issues on various Chinese models, Apple hasn’t specified exactly what those issues are. Users who already have iOS 7.0.4 installed on their iPhones can simply […]