With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple had transitioned from using LCD to OLED, at least on some of its models. Apple’s primary supplier of OLED panels is Samsung, where both companies had an agreement with each other where Apple would buy a set number of panels from Samsung for use in its iPhones.

However, due to the recent iPhone XS and XS Max not selling as well as the company had hoped for, clearly Apple did not need as many OLED panels from Samsung as they had previously thought. This is why according to a report from Reuters, Apple has since reportedly paid Samsung $683 million for missing OLED targets.

It had previously been reported that Apple had tried to find a way out of paying Samsung this amount by using Samsung’s OLED panels for their future MacBook computers. There have been rumors that Apple could make the switch from using LCD in their MacBooks to OLED, and that Samsung could also be providing the necessary panels for it.

However, there is no word on when these OLED MacBooks are expected to be released. Some are saying it won’t be anytime soon, which could explain why Samsung did not want to wait, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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