For a fast food franchise known for their fried chicken, KFC has certainly been rather enthusiastic when it comes to cooking up hi-tech ideas to attract customers. For example we’ve seen how they’ve debuted a tray which doubled up as a Bluetooth keyboard, and how they used bone conduction to deliver music their customers dining at their outlets.

Now over in India, KFC is back with a new marketing stunt in the form of “Watt A Box”. This is essentially a box that holds your fried chicken, but to top it off, it seems that it also comes with the ability to charge your smartphone in which users can plug their charging cables into the box to begin the charging process!

Naturally the power for charging does not come from the fried chicken, but rather its 6,100mAh battery that is hidden in it. The box will support a variety of connections including support for Apple’s Lightning and also mini-USB, meaning that you can charge multiple devices. Now obviously the box will be greasy with the chicken, but the good news is that its battery can be removed and reused.

Unfortunately like we said, this is more of a marketing stunt than anything and for now, it is only available in a couple of locations in Delhi and Mumbai, and there is no word or indication that this promotion will be making its way to other countries.

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