Kia Ray Plug-in Hybrid Concept Car With Solar Roof

With everybody trying to “go green”, it seems that Kia Motors doesn’t want to be left behind as Kia Motors America has unveiled the Ray, a Plug-in Hybrid concept at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. The most notable feature of this 173-inch long car would have to be the single piece of glass that extends over the hood, and another that starts at the cowl of the windshield, going all the way back to the rear header. The specially coated glass helps to keep the interior cool while your car is baking in the sun, thanks to the roof-top photovoltaic cells that help power the climate control system. Kia claims that it can travel over 50 miles using its electric motor alone, and sports an effective fuel economy of over 202 miles per gallon. The Ray is to be the first of what will be many cars in the company’s new sub-brand, EcoDynamics.

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