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The Oombrella Will Tell You When It’s About To Rain
The umbrella is an accessory that not many of us think too much about. As long as it does the job of protecting us from the rain (and sometimes the sun), there’s really not much to complain about. However in the past we’ve seen how some inventors have tried to make the umbrella more useful, like ensuring you never leave it behind, but what if an umbrella could tell you […]

These Tiny Magnets Will Help Prevent Bike Theft
Given that bicycles are generally pretty light, it’s a lot easier to make off with a bike rather than a car or a motorbike. Sometimes what thieves do is that they even still the wheels off a bike, which is rather annoying but unfortunate. However the good news is that there is a new invention on Kickstarter that will help address that.

Tovala Intends To Serve You Meals In 30 Minutes
It has been said before, that a hungry man is an angry man, although I do believe that this adage applies to everyone regardless of their gender, but one thing’s for sure – if momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody’s happy. Hence, keep momma well fed, and all should be a whole lot more smooth sailing in your life. Cooking can be quite a chore these days, considering the amount […]

This Kitchen Tool Lets You Spray Sticks Of Button Onto Anything
Butter is amazing and you can eat it with just about anything. Heck, there is even such thing as butter ice cream! Now if you love butter but don’t want to slather it all over your food, you might be interested to learn that there is a device called the Biēm Butter Sprayer which as its name implies, will let you spray butter on your food.


2-In-1 Micro USB And Lightning Cable Launched On Kickstarter
As far as proprietary technology is concerned, Apple is currently one of the few companies still using a proprietary charging cable for its mobile products. This is versus other brands and platforms who have largely turned to micro USB, or who are recently turning to the use of USB Type-C.

Pinpic Is The Uber For Photographers
Have you ever gone on holiday and brought a professional camera in hopes of landing some stunning travel photos, only to come back and realize that you would have been just as well off using your smartphone’s camera? If you have, you’re not alone, but in the future a service by the name of Pinpic could be the answer to that problem.

Dune Case Is A Mac Pro Clone For Your PC Building Needs
The Mac Pro’s design is a bit controversial. Some have likened its design to that of a rubbish bin, but regardless of what you think, it is pretty unique. Now if you happen to like the look but don’t to drop the money for an actual Mac Pro, you might be interested in a Kickstarter project for a computer chassis called the Dune Case.

Mighty Audio Puts Spotify Into An iPod Shuffle-Like Device
Want to listen to Spotify on the go? You can download the music streaming platform’s app on your smartphone or tablet. However the downside is that you will need an internet connection, or subscribe to Spotify Premium where you will then be able to save songs offline. However if you’d rather not go through the hassle, a media player by the name of Mighty Audio might have the answer you’re […]

FreeWrite Distraction-Free Typewriter Is Now Available For Purchase
Back in 2014, an interesting device by the name of the Hemingwrite hit Kickstarter. This was basically a typewriter that was created for writers simply because unlike computers where you could surf the web, play games, and watch videos, this typewriter offered up distraction-free writing, something we’re sure many writers agree that they could do with.

2VR Is A Virtual Reality Headset For Hipsters
The hipster trend, whether you love it or not, is still going on (albeit no longer in full force). This has seen a rise in demand for all things retro and vintage, like glasses with no lenses, and etc. Now if you consider yourself a hipster, or maybe you can appreciate their fashion, you might be interested in the 2VR virtual reality headset.

MEEM Charging Cable Backs Up Your Phone Whenever You Connect To It
Depending on how particular you are, backing up your files on your computer and on your phone should be done regularly. This is to ensure that should anything go wrong, you would have the latest files backed up, as opposed to a backup that was made a month ago. We know that sometimes the process can be lengthy, depending on the number of things to backup, but a USB cable […]

Silk Labs Wants To Give Your Home A Brain
Startup Silk Labs believes that all home should be smart, and hence, that would require homes to have a brain – and they intend to be there to fill this niche. Chief Executive Andreas Gal, who left Mozilla a couple of years back to co-found the company, shared, “We’re trying to make your house as smart as your smartphone.” Their maiden attempt would see the product known as Sense being […]

CUBi Smallest Titanium Gaming Dice In The World
It looks like when you have a superlative of sorts attached to your product, then it will be able to generate a whole lot of attention. Take this Kickstarter project for instance – CUBi is touted to be the world’s smallest titanium gaming dice, where it is made possible thanks to the wonders of precise machining, as well as accompanied by a beautiful stainless steel keychain that will help you […]

Carv Is A Wearable That Will Improve Your Ski Game
If you’re looking to improve your skiing techniques without having to pay for a ski instructor, then maybe technology and wearables might be one way to go about that. In fact a company in London called Motion Metrics has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a wearable called the Carv, which is aimed at skiers.