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This Wearable Helps Patients Track Their Tremors
Being aware of your health means that you can actively take part in activities that you know will benefit you. For example if you notice that everytime you eat or drink a dairy product and it sends you rushing to the bathroom, then a good idea would be to stop eating that food group, or maybe avoid that particular food and if you’re similarly affected by other dairy products.

The Mover Kit Is A Wearable That Kids Can Make And Program Themselves
If you’re looking to get your kids into programming at a young age to dispel the notion that such endeavors are only for “nerds”, there are plenty of ways to go about that. There are online courses, camps, and apps, all of which are designed to help get children into programming in a fun way.

Fans Want Help Raising $20 Million To ‘Fix Dorne’ In Game Of Thrones
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes that isn’t always the case, especially if the picture you were thinking of has been painted as something completely different. If you’ve read the books, you know that George R.R. Martin has done a fantastic job describing Dorne and its characters, but unfortunately HBO hasn’t.

Flens Attachment Will Boost Your Smartphone’s Flash By 10 Times
Regardless of the improvements companies have made to flash units on smartphones, at the end of the day what happens is that photos still end up overexposed and extremely harsh when the flash is used. In fact what the flash seems to be mostly good for would be as a flashlight to help find things in the dark.


BioLite Is Back With The BaseLantern For Your Camping Needs
You guys might recall that several years ago, BioLite launched a Camp Stove on Kickstarter that not only could cook your food while you’re out camping, but thanks to the heat generated by it, it is also capable of recharging your smartphone at the same time. Now it looks like the creators behind the Camp Stove are back with a new gadget called the BaseLantern.

EYSE Camera Will 3D Livestream VR To Headsets And Goggles
Live video streams aren’t new. However most streams are not designed to be seen in stereoscopic 3D via VR. The EYSE camera has been designed from the ground up for that purpose as it can capture 3D (stereo) video and live-stream virtual reality content to VR headsets and goggles.

Smoovie Is An Affordable Video Stabilizer For Your Smartphone
Many high-end smartphones these days feature cameras with image stabilization, whether it be optical or digital. However the stabilizer can only do so much because if you’re going to walk around with it all day or maybe run with it in your hand, safe to say that the end result will still be pretty shaky.

PayPal’s Purchase Protection For Crowdfunding Will Be Ending Soon
Crowdfunding is a pretty neat idea because from time to time, you will chance upon pretty interesting gadgets that may or may not have been passed over by your typical investor. This allows the public to vote with their money as to whether or not the project gets made. Sometimes we end up with some gems like the Pebble smartwatch.

This Machine Will Make Tortillas For You From A Pod
Technology is amazing. Nowadays we have machines that a press of a button will create espresso from a pod that’s almost as good as a proper espresso machine. We also have machines that can create sodas for you from a pod, and if you own any of those machines, maybe you’d like to complement it with the Flatev.

The Henlen Smartwatch Is One You Could Wear To A Fancy Dinner
Smartwatches have definitely evolved over time, from being geeky-looking electronics strapped to our wrist, to elegant timepieces. Now if you’re in the market for a classy-looking smartwatch, you might be interested to learn about the Henlen smartwatch who has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for itself.

Miggo Wants To Give Your iPhone A DSLR-Like Grip
One of the upsides to photos taken with DSLRs is that they have a good grip. Now some of you might wonder why is grip so important? A good grip allows users to hold and frame their photo better. It can also sometimes prevent any shaking or moving which can lead to blurry photos, why is why if you check out camera reviews, you’ll realize that grip is an issue […]

Coolest Cooler Is Asking Its Backers For More Money
A couple of years ago in 2014, we covered a rather novel invention called the Coolest Cooler. At its heart it is a cooler, but it also comes with several features like a blender, a pair of speakers, and even a charger that lets you charge your phone while you are out and about. Turns out that novelty was what people were after as the project managed to raise more […]

This Notebook Can Erase Itself When You Microwave It
Storing things on the computer or in physical form isn’t 100% safe, meaning that you’ve got to be careful when choosing how you want to secure things. Now when it comes to physical like documents, sure you can shred paper or burn it, but what if there could be a quicker way of destroying what was written?

Life Wipes Funded In Just A Day
There has been some zany Kickstarter projects that we have seen in the past, including one that raised funds for a potato salad, now how about that? Here is another one that is also quite practical – known as Life Wipes, and this Kickstarter project with a funding goal of $5,000 has managed to surpass said goal in just a single day, and judging by the way things are going, […]