It used to be that bike tail lights were just that, tail lights. They were meant to give drivers a heads up that you’re on the road, especially at night where there might not be much light available. However today technology has advanced, and this has had a trickle down effect to the bike light.

Introducing the Fast bike light which will be able to pull double duty as an anti-theft device at the same time. On the surface as you can see, the Fast looks like a regular bike tail light. However it comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and sensors, so that when it detects that someone is trying to tinker with your bike or the bike lock, it will send a notification to your phone and emit an alarm.

Oddly enough the inclusion of GPS would have been obvious but its creators have decided to omit that feature. However there are other features to the Fast bike light. The sensors can detect when your bike’s being tinkered with, but at the same time it can also detect when you have taken a tumble.

When it does detect that, it will be able to notify an emergency contact immediately, just in case you might have been incapacitated by the fall. It has a built-in light sensor to detect when it is dark and will turn itself on, and will also come with an array of 8 LEDs that can change colors and offer up different flashing modes. It’s a simple but clever idea, and it will only set you back $19 if its Kickstarter project is successful, so head on over and pledge your support if this is something you’re interested in.

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