Nokia N950 unboxing

If you were a MeeGo developer and you just got your hands on a brand new Nokia N950 developer phone, I’m pretty the last thing most of you would do is give the phone to your kid to tear it open for you. Not the folks over at Ireland’s Technology Blog though because that’s exactly what they did. One of the writers for the blog recently got his hands on the Nokia N950 developer phone (the one with the slide-out keyboard) and gave the unboxing honors to his daughter, while his son acted as the camera man.

Needless to say, it’s not like most unboxing videos you’ve seen before, but I guess it’s good to instill the fondness of technology into children when they are at an impressionable age right? And never mind the fact that the video has kids in it – this is one of the first few N950 unboxing videos available online. Hopefully the arrival of the developer phones mean that the consumer-oriented N9 won’t be too far away. Video after the break:

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