Yesterday at the Xbox One reveal, Microsoft also announced a new Kinect. It has been incredibly overhauled, it comes with a wide-angle 1080p HD depth camera capable of capturing RGB color video at 30 frames-per-second. Capable of even working in a completely dark room, Microsoft says that the new Kinect is more sensitive and powerful than ever before. The previous Kinect was released for PC a little over a year later after it was released for Xbox 360. Microsoft will reportedly be releasing the new Kinect for PC as well.


Kinect program manager Scott Evans is quoted as saying that “We will bring this [new Kinect] to PC.” Microsoft hasn’t released any additional details regarding this as yet, they’ve not given a time frame for release, so for all we know it could perhaps take a full year before the new and improved Kinect makes its way over to PC. Microsoft finally unveiled the moniker for next generation Xbox, it hasn’t really said what the new Kinect is officially called. Kinect 2.0 perhaps? Too soon to say right now, perhaps we’ll know more when Microsoft continues this conversation at E3 conference in June.

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