Kyocera DuraForce Announced For November 7 Release On AT&T

Ah, smartphones. Just about every one of us carries one model or another, and not all smartphones are created equal – with some of them boasting of the capability to be able to go through plenty of punishment, such as the Kyocera DuraForce. Having been announced to make its way over to AT&T in a few days’ time (November 7th to be exact), this is one tough and rugged handset […]

Kyocera Floating Solar Farm Sounds Like A Brilliant Alternative

[CEATEC 2014] With close to 70% of the world’s surface being water, leaving around 30% of land for nearly 7 billion people to live on, it is starting to look like a very viable idea when it comes to working on a solar farm project – that is set up on a body of water, instead of on land. Taking land starved Japan as an example, where they have actually […]

Kyocera Proteus Is Gumby’s Best Friend

I am quite sure that most people do have fond memories of Gumby, the lovable and extremely bendable character that appealed to children as well as parents. Having said that, while screens have started to feature a higher level of resolution as well as pixel density, what is the next best thing to advance the industry rather than more of the same? After all, there are only so many pixels […]

Kyocera Sympathy Bluetooth Headset Concept

[CEATEC 2014] How many of you out there actually make use of a Bluetooth headset? While there are some which are extremely well designed to look as though they are space age, as far as I can recall, none of them actually look really thin and slim in terms of their design. Kyocera intends to change that, and then some, with their Kyocera Sympathy. What makes the Kyocera Sympathy so […]


Kyocera Bio Edge Conceptual Smartphone Form Factor

[CEATEC 2014] If there is one thing that is good about concepts, it would be the fact that concepts throws away most, if not all of the traditional limitations that are associated with the natural laws – breaking new ground, and then working on a solution to overcome previous generation obstacles. The mobile phone, for instance, has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world, and […]

Kyocera Gibbon Gives Parents Peace Of Mind

[CEATEC 2014] In this day and age, hearing about little children getting lost or kidnapped, or even worse done to them have become so commonplace, that it is no longer that shocking of a news as we all become numb to it. Having said that, what can parents do about such a situation? Sitting back and acting passively is not going to help the situation just in case tragedy strikes, […]

Kyocera Brigadier Brings Sapphire Glass Goodness To CEATEC 2014

[CEATEC 2014] This might be a bit ho-hum among the masses over in the U.S., as the Kyocera Brigadier has already been released on Verizon at the end of July this year, delivering some sapphire glass (or rather, it is called the Sapphire Shield over in that part of the world) goodness to those who are sick and tired of their smartphone screens getting scratched after mixing it up with […]

Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield Tortured Yet Again

Most of the time, we would think of sapphire glass being the domain of the upcoming iPhone 6, which is said to be tough as nails. However, it would not be heretical to mention that there are other players in the smartphone market that are looking into the possibility of a sapphire display for their upcoming handsets, too, like the Huawei Ascend P7 and another one from Vivo. Well, we […]

Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield Gets Put To The Test

Back in July, the Kyocera Brigadier with Sapphire Shield was announced for Verizon. Unlike Apple’s rumored plans for using sapphire purely, the Kyocera Brigadier uses a layer of synthetic sapphire glass instead which helps prevent the phone from being too scratched up. That being said, exactly how durable or rugged is the Sapphire Shield?Well the folks at Kyocera Mobile have recently released a video that shows just how much abuse […]

Kyocera Hydro Life Announced For T-Mobile And MetroPCS

If you’re looking for a rugged phone, you might be interested to learn that T-Mobile has announced the Kyocera Hydro Life, a phone which is aimed at those suffering from “fragiphoniphobia”. Never heard that word before? Don’t worry, neither have we, but thankfully Kyocera has educated us that it stands for the fear of fragile phones.The Kyocera Hydro Life does not appear to be the most powerful of smartphones, but […]

Kyocera Brigadier With Sapphire Shield Arrives On Verizon

Earlier we reported that Verizon had launched the LG G Vista, and it looks like the LG G Vista isn’t the only handset that Verizon is announcing today. Alongside the LG device, Verizon has also launched the Kyocera Brigadier, a handset which was rumored about a couple of days ago. The Kyocera Brigadier, just like the LG G Vista, is priced at $99.99 on a new two-year contract, or it […]

Kyocera Brigadier Confirmed As New Sapphire Display Smartphone

It was some time close to the middle of this month when we brought you word that Kyocera was teasing the masses with a new sapphire smartphone of their own, although it was known as the Sapphire Shield back then. Fast forward to today, and what we have is a crystal clear shot – yes sir, none of that lousy blurry cam photos, of the Kyocera Brigadier, which is a […]

Kyocera Teases Sapphire Smartphone Of Their Own

About a week ago, we reported that Kyocera was planning on releasing a sapphire smartphone of their own. Well if you were a bit skeptical, you might be pleased to learn that Kyocera has since confirmed that they will indeed be releasing a handset that utilizes a sapphire display, but unfortunately the feature, release date, and specs of the device remain unknown.Kyocera has recently released a teaser video for a […]

Kyocera Reportedly Working On Sapphire Smartphone Of Their Own

According to the rumor mill, Apple is expected to utilize sapphire in its displays for the upcoming iPhone 6. We’ve seen a video in which the alleged front panel was revealed to be made of sapphire which proved to be a very durable piece of material as demonstrated. Now it looks like Kyocera could be looking to get in on the sapphire game as well, according to a report from […]