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Congress Just Raised The Legal Vaping (And Smoking) Age To 21
These days, smoking cigarettes amongst the youth is no longer “cool”, instead, it seems that high schoolers have turned towards e-cigarettes, where it seems that the number of teens smoking e-cigarettes have doubled from the previous year, while cigarette smoking has actually declined.

Foxconn Managers Reportedly Sold iPhones With Faulty Components Worth $43 Million
Foxconn is one of the main manufacturing partners of Apple, where the company is responsible for putting together Apple products like the iPhone. Given that it is not possible for every component to be perfect, and also due to quality assurance, naturally some components are rejected due to them being faulty.

The Pirate Bay Is Testing Out A New Streaming Feature
For a brief moment in time, it felt like The Pirate Bay was in trouble when its servers were taken down. However, the website managed to claw its way back online, and if anything, it seems to be doubling down on their offerings where according to a report from TorrentFreak, it appears that the website is now offering a streaming option.

Feds Take Down Illegal Streaming Service That Was Bigger Than Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu
There are many streaming services these days, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and so on. However, the problem with all these services is that they all have different licensing deals with the studios, meaning that some shows are available on some platforms, while others are not.


It Looks Like Apple Has Managed To Avoid iPhone Tariffs
According to a report from back in August, it was suggested that due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, that Apple’s iPhones could be hit with 15% tariffs. As it turns out, it seems that Apple could have narrowly escaped that one, where due to US President Donald Trump signing a trade deal with China, Apple is now spared those tariffs.

FTC Might Block Facebook From Merging Its Messaging Apps
As many of you know, Facebook owns several prominent social media platforms and messaging apps, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. For the most part, they have all managed to stay separate and somewhat independent of each other. However, earlier this year it was reported that Facebook could actually be planning on unifying them.

Lawsuit Claims Apple And Samsung’s Phones Exceed Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Levels
A good majority of our electronic devices give off radiation, especially our phones. Presumably, they have all been tested and approved by regulatory bodies before they are put on sale, although there was a report from back in August that suggested that phones made by Apple could be exceeding those limits.

Disgruntled Customer Arrested After Making 24,000 Calls To His Carrier To Complain
We’ve all made calls to our carriers to complain about poor service, being wrongly charged for services, and so on. Usually, it’s a good sign that things are going well if we rarely have to make these calls, but for one 71-year old man in Japan, it seems that there was nothing his carrier could do to make him happy.

Someone Used Sony’s PlayStation Network To Sell Drugs
Thanks to online communities and online store fronts that anyone can create without much oversight, it seems that some of these services are being abused. In a report from Motherboard, it appears that Sony’s PlayStation Network was recently abused, where it was discovered that someone had used the online gaming service to sell drugs.

Congressman Pleads Guilty To Spending Campaign Funds On Video Games
When someone gives you money to spend on something, but you use it to spend on something else, that’s probably not right, especially if you’re a government official. Such is the case with US congressman Duncan D. Hunter who had recently pleaded guilty to spending funds that were meant for campaigning on other things, such as video game purchases on Steam.

New Russian Law Requires Russian Software To Be Preinstalled On Smartphones
In the past when you would buy a smartphone from a carrier, they would typically install their own apps and services on the phone in a bid to try and get you to use them. This is also known as bloatware and it is something that the majority of customers do not like or appreciate. However, over in Russia, that will soon become mandatory.

Thieves Busted By Cops After Stolen Apple Watch Was Pinged By Its Owner
Due to the fact that more of our devices come with GPS built into them, tracking them down has become easier than ever. This means that should thieves ever decide to steal a smartphone or smartwatch, they better keep it turned off because leaving it on means that the GPS has been turned on as well.

Australia Rolls Out AI Cameras To Spot Distracted Drivers
When it comes to traffic cameras, most of them are typically used to catch speeders who break the legal speed limit and also to catch those who try to beat the red lights. However, when it comes to catching distracted drivers who might be texting while driving, that’s a little tricky and is usually a manual process.

Uber Just Lost Its License To Operate In London
Ride hailing companies such as Uber are kind of a game changer where it challenges the way we get around. As such, it has riled up many taxi associations in many countries as well as making it challenging for governments to try and figure out exactly what kind of business Uber can be considered as.