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Apple Really Doesn’t Want To Pay VirnetX $500 Million
In the past, we’ve come across many patent troll related lawsuits, where a company that owns a patent that is vaguely similar to a technology or product used by another company will sue that company over alleged infringement. The goal is to try and get these companies to quickly settle the matter instead of fighting a long and drawn out court battle.

Amazon And US Government Team Up To Fight Counterfeit Goods
The problem with buying things online is that usually all you have to work with are photos. Sometimes these photos don’t really represent the product accurately, as many of us have probably experienced, and sometimes, you might even get a counterfeit product that is marketed as the real deal.

Apple Agrees To Pay $113 Million Settlement Over ‘Batterygate’
For years, many have suspected and speculated that iPhones slow down over time as a result of Apple purposely making their devices slower to force customers to upgrade. It might seem like a wild conspiracy, but this was kind of proven to be true when Apple did admit that they throttled older iPhones.

TikTok’s Ban Has Been Temporarily Delayed
By today, by all accounts, TikTok should have been banned in the US. However, it looks like the company is enjoying a temporary stay of execution. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the US Department of Commerce will not be pushing through the order that would have forced TikTok to shut down in the US.


Did The US Government ‘Forget’ About Banning TikTok?
As many of you might have heard, TikTok is facing an impending ban by the current US government. There was a lot of talk about this a few months back, but as the ban looms in sight, it seems that the US government has “forgotten” about it, or rather, the government seems to be “ghosting” TikTok.

FDA Approves Apple Watch App That Helps With PTSD Nightmares
There are many reasons why people suffer from PTSD, and sometimes as a result of PTSD, they also get nightmares while they’re sleeping that are related to it. There are, of course, ways to treat these kinds of symptoms, but if you happen to own an Apple Watch, then you might be interested to learn that the FDA has recently approved an app that is meant to treat those nightmares.

Company Cancels All Orders For Third-Party Sony PS5 Faceplates
With the PS4, customers who wanted a custom design would need to buy bundles sold by Sony, which wasn’t really practical if you already owned the console. However, with the PS5, Sony is introducing more customization options by allowing the faceplates of the console to be swapped out.

TikTok’s November Ban Delayed Thanks To Lawsuit
As some of you have heard, TikTok is facing an impending ban on the 12th of November. However, it seems that the ban might have been delayed, thanks to a lawsuit filed by several TikTok influencers kind of on behalf of the company, where they claim that the ban would harm their business which largely relies on TikTok.

Your Amazon Prime Videos Don’t Actually Belong To You
Aside from being able to stream movies digitally, companies have also allowed users to purchase digital copies of movies, but therein lies an interesting legal question – do these digital downloads mean that you own them? It’s like if you were to buy a physical copy of a movie on DVD or Blu-ray, you would own that particular copy (to a certain extent).

Twitch Suspends DragonForce Guitarist’s Channel For Playing His Own Music
Given the sheer number of videos that are uploaded and streamed, it would not be realistic to expect that platforms like Twitch or YouTube have human moderators to moderate every single one. This usually means that these platforms need to rely on automated systems to look out for content that might violate their terms of service.

Woman Spends $3,000 On In-App Purchases, Then Sues Apple Over It
Apple does not allow gambling apps to exist on the App Store. However, it seems that while more explicit gambling apps are not allowed, some apps that feature gambling-like mechanics are allowed, which is the issue. Or at least it is an issue for Karen Workman, who has filed a lawsuit against Apple.

Google Reportedly Paid Apple As Much As $12 Billion To Be The iPhone’s Default Search
If you were to launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and type a search query into the address bar, there’s a very, very good chance that it will default to Google. Sure, some of you might have set it differently, but for many, Google is more or less the default, and it turns out that Google paid Apple billions to keep it that way.

Sony PS5’s Name Has Been Trademark In India, Except It Wasn’t By Sony
While Sony has been opening up pre-orders for its PS5 around the world, India has oddly been left off the list. Obviously Sony isn’t going to ignore such a massive market such as India, so what’s the deal? As it turns out, it could be a legal issue because it appears that someone in India has trademarked the PS5 name, and it wasn’t Sony.

Don’t Expect Fortnite Back In The App Store Until 2021 At The Earliest
As many of you have heard, Apple and Epic are in an epic (pun intended) legal battle over Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic had filed for a preliminary injunction against Apple’s removal of the app in the App Store, but it looks like Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers has denied their request for it.

EU Suggests That Smartphones Should Come Without Preinstalled Apps
While we’re not quite sure how the lawsuit between Apple and Epic will turn out, if anything it managed to spark a conversation about how companies like Apple handle apps and developers, in which a growing number of people and governments are starting to think that maybe Apple has too much power.

Facebook Will Soon Let Users Issue Takedown Requests Of Images
Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have rights management tools. This basically allows content creators to claim ownership of intellectual property that is being used in other content that they did not authorize, like music or video clips. However, it seems that Facebook is now expanding on that to include photos.

WeChat Receives A Stay Of Execution From US Judge
We had recently reported that according to an announcement by the US Department of Commerce, Chinese apps such as WeChat were scheduled to be banned from US app stores this Sunday. However, it seems that WeChat has managed to escape that ban following a US judge’s decision to grant it an injunctive relief.

Lawsuit Alleges Instagram Is Spying On You Through Your Camera
Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a rather unnerving and uncanny way of surfacing ads on products that you talk about with to your friends, to the point where some have floated conspiracy theories that these companies are actually spying on users through their cameras and microphones.

A Tesla Owner Was Charged By The Police For Sleeping While Driving
Tesla has always been pretty careful when marketing its Autopilot feature, which they have insisted in the past does not turn their vehicles into self-driving cars, even though for the most part it does have certain autonomous capabilities. However, it has not stopped Tesla owners from treating it as such.

TikTok And WeChat Will Be Banned From US App Stores This Sunday
If you haven’t downloaded TikTok or WeChat yet, you might want to do so quickly. This is because according to an announcement by the US Department of Commerce, both TikTok and WeChat will be banned and removed from app stores in the US starting this Sunday, and will also see the ban of US companies hosting these services.