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Gamevice Wants To Block Nintendo Switch Sales In New Patent Infringement Lawsuit
When Nintendo first revealed that they were working on a new console which eventually launched as the Switch, the company was understandably cautious and guarded with the design as they did not want to give away its secrets ahead of the launch. When the Switch was eventually released, many lauded its uniqueness.

FCC To Make Caller ID Authentication Mandatory In 2021 To Combat Robocalls
Robocalls are a nuisance, and it was only back in 2019 that the FCC finally allowed carriers to block robocalls by default. Before that, carriers did offer robocall blocking services, but it was a paid service that was optional, meaning that if you did not pay, you could be subject to receiving these kind of calls.

Facebook Is Going After Deceptive Domain Names
One of the ways phishing scams work is that it attempts to trick the user into thinking that an email or a website belongs to the person or organization that they are trying to impersonate. For example.recently there was a report of how a Shark Tank host got scammed out of $400,000 due to an email that was made to seem like it came from her secretary, except that it […]

FCC Wants To Fine Carriers For Selling User Location Data
As some of you might have heard, last year it came to light that major carriers in the US have been selling user location data to third-party companies. The carriers have since said that they have ceased those practices, but apparently that isn’t enough for the FCC who are now proposing a token fine to the carriers involved.


Musicians Use An Algorithm To Generate Every Possible Melody
Music is basically a combination of different notes played at different rhythms. This means that there is only a finite number of possible combinations, which means from time to time, lawsuits appear where one musician/band will sue another claiming that they have stolen a melody they have written and used it in their song.

EU Wants Easy Replaceable Smartphone Batteries To Make A Comeback
Back in the day, there were many companies who created smartphones that had removable and replaceable batteries. This meant that in the event your phone’s battery health is bad and is no longer holding its charge as well as it should, all you would need to do is swap it out for a new one.

FTC Sends Out $1.7 Million In Refunds To Support Scam Victims
We’ve all probably received a scam call or two in our lives. Sometimes they can be very convincing where they know just enough about us to make it a believable call. Unsurprisingly, there are people out there who fall for such scams, and one of those scams is the fake tech support call scam.

Swiss Court Rules That ‘Liking’ Hateful Content Could Be Considered A Crime
We need to be more careful of our online social media activities. This is because in recent times, we’re starting to see the implications of what we do online affect our offline lives. More recently, over in Switzerland, the courts have ruled that it is possible that “liking” or sharing online posts that are deemed hateful or defamatory could be considered a crime.

You Might Not Have To Report In-Game Virtual Currencies On Your Tax Form Anymore
Bitcoin is a form of a virtual currency that you can buy using real-life money, and since it can be used to pay for things, the IRS has stated that you will need to report your bitcoin transactions. This was the same logic that was applied to in-game virtual currencies, such as those used by games like Fortnite.

Apple’s iPhones Might Soon Be Forced To Switch To USB-C
For years, the EU has been pushing for a standard mobile charger. This was in the early days where some companies were still making proprietary chargers. For the most part, the majority of handset makers eventually settled on micro USB and are now moving to USB-C, but if there is one holdout, it would be Apple.

Blizzard Can Now Claim Full Copyright Of Player-Made Custom Games
The law is a funny thing where depending on how contracts and legal documents are written, you can skirt around it by finding loopholes. Blizzard found out the hard way when the Defense of the Ancient custom game built using the Warcraft 3 campaign creator, ended up in the hands of Valve who ended up creating Dota 2.

FCC Wants To Fine One Man $13 Million For Making Illegal Robocalls
Robocalls can be annoying and disruptive, especially if you receive them multiple times in a day. This is why they have been made illegal, but then again with all things illegal, there will always be someone who tries to circumvent the system. Unfortunately for one individual, it seems that the FCC plans to make an example out of him.

Vermont Residents Might Soon Be Able To Use Emojis On Their License Plates
The license plates of our cars are pretty standard in terms of their design, and they are basically used to identify individual cars. In terms of customization, there is the option of purchasing a vanity plate, but even then, they’re still pretty much consisted of letters and numbers, but that could soon change if you live in Vermont.

TomTom Will Be Huawei’s Alternative To Google Maps
As some of you know, Huawei is currently on the US government’s Entity List. As such, US companies such as Google have been banned from doing business with Huawei. It also prevents Huawei from accessing certain features and services that they relied on in the past, one of which is Google Maps.