Apple has made claims over the years over the materials they use to make the Apple Watch’s display, such as how it is strong and durable. However, it appears that there is a particular issue with the Apple Watch that has resulted in owners of the smartwatch to file a class action lawsuit against Apple.

According to the lawsuit, this is a problem that has affected the first-gen Apple Watch up until the Series 6. Basically, the lawsuit alleges that the Apple Watch’s lithium are prone to swelling, which basically results in the battery pressing up against the display causing it to fail and in some cases, break.

The complaint also includes a picture of a deep laceration suffered on the arm of one plaintiff which was allegedly caused when the screen broke. The lawsuit is now seeking damages on behalf of Apple Watch users, as well as for Apple to disclose what they are claiming is “the defective nature of the Apple Watch”.

It will cover pretty much all users of the first-gen Apple Watch up to the Series 6 including the Apple Watch SE.

That being said, this is not the first time Apple has been hit with a lawsuit over the Apple Watch’s display. There was a similar lawsuit filed against Apple in 2018, but the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed by a federal judge in 2019.

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