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The FTC Sues To Block NVIDIA From Acquiring ARM
US Lawmakers Want To Prohibit Bots From Scalping High Demand Goods
Apple Sues NSO Group Over iPhone Pegasus Spyware
Google Agrees To Pay AFP For News Content For The Next Five Years
The FTC Wants To Make It Easier For People To Cancel Their Online Subscriptions
Congress Makes Anti-Drunk Driving Tech Mandatory
Apple Will Have To Allow External Payments Options In App Store By December 9
Lawmakers Propose Bill That Would Let Users Turn Off Social Media Engagement Algorithms
Hackers Used Twitch To Launder $10 Million In Stolen Credit Cards
Japanese Police Use Targeted YouTube Ads To Warn Would-Be Voyeurs
Apple Sued In China Over Lack Of iPhone Chargers
US DOJ Reportedly Accelerating Its Antitrust Investigation Into Apple
A Judge In The UK Rules That Smart Security Cameras Violated Neighbor’s Privacy
Google Countersues Epic For Allegedly Breaching Their Play Store Contract
Apple Now Wants To Appeal The Results Of The Epic Lawsuit
South Korean ISP Sues Netflix Over Squid Game’s Popularity
Brazilian Regulators To Investigate Apple Over iPhone 13’s Lack Of A Charger
Dropping NBC Could Reduce YouTube TV’s Price By $10 A Month
NBC Warns Its Channels Could Soon Be Removed From YouTube TV
EU Reveals Plan For Mandating USB-C As The Charging Standard For All Mobile Devices