Apple’s AirTag has been praised as being a highly-effective yet affordable tracker, but it has also gotten a lot of negative press for the danger it poses when it comes to stalking and tracking people or items. For example, we’ve heard stories of people being stalked using an AirTag, or vehicles being tagged with AirTags so that they can be stolen later.

While Apple has built-in some privacy and anti-stalking features into the AirTag, it seems that they might not be enough. So much so that Pennsylvania State Representative John Galloway has since proposed a legislation that could make it illegal if an AirTag were to be used for stalking.

According to Galloway, “The AirTag’s precision finding tool should only be used to locate the owner’s property, such as keys, wallet, or book bag, as was the original intention of the product. My legislation would protect Pennsylvanians by making sure that this unwarranted act is addressed by updating our Crimes Code to prohibit someone from tracking one’s location or their belongings without consent.”

Presumably should this legislation be turned into law, we wouldn’t be surprised if other states were to follow suit, or even other countries around the world. While we can appreciate what Apple is trying to do with its AirTags, perhaps it’s time for them to maybe start looking into features and better safeguards to prevent its abuse in the future.

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