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LinkedIn Will Now Tell You What Is The Salary You Deserve
We’ve all been there. We’re at a job interview and the interviewer asks, how much are we expecting in salary? Now this is a tricky question because you quote too low and you’re basically cheating yourself out of what you might be worth. Ask for too much and the company might think you’re too expensive.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion
Microsoft has just announced that it’s going to acquire professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The software giant is buying LinkedIn in an all cash transaction at $196 per share. No major structural changes will be implemented immediately. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will retain his position and report directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. LinkedIn will also retain its own brand and independence.

LinkedIn 2012 Breach Impacted 117 Million Users
Remember the LinkedIn breach that happened four years ago? Yes sir, it does feel as though it is something that happened far away in distant memory now, where it was reported that 6.5 million user credentials were leaked, and LinkedIn was said to have spent close to $1 million in order to fix this particular security breach. Well, it looks like one cannot cover the whole truth for a long […]

LinkedIn Launches App Targeted At Students
By now we’re sure many working professionals have at least heard of LinkedIn if they aren’t using it already. Compared to Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is a social network that focuses more on connecting working professionals with other professionals, so if you’re looking for someone in a particular industry or if you’re trying to look for a job, LinkedIn is the place to be.


LinkedIn Shows Off Its New Flagship Mobile App
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ all have dedicated mobile apps of their own, covering pretty much most of the major social networks. LinkedIn also has an app of its own, but it looks like the company is working on a newer version of its app codenamed Project Voyager that they have recently taken the wraps off.The company has recently shown off its latest app which as you can see in […]

Hackers Use Fake LinkedIn Profiles Used To Scout Potential Targets
From time to time you might notice a new friend request pop up on Facebook, or you might see a new follower on Instagram or Twitter, or someone who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn. Sometimes these are spam accounts used to send you advertisements for all kinds of junk, but recently it has been discovered that some fake LinkedIn profiles could be used to scout potential hacking targets.According […]

LinkedIn Introduces New Messaging Feature
Unlike social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, LinkedIn does not have a messaging feature. They have an InMail feature which as the name implies, is more “serious” and feels less like having a conversation and more like you’re actually sending someone a professional email.However all of that will change as the company has announced that starting from today, they will be rolling out a messaging feature […]

Evernote Teams Up With LinkedIn To Scan Business Cards
If there’s one thing that technology has not quite been able to disrupt yet its the business card. Its an easy way of giving someone your contact information in less than a second. Though if you want to save that contact in your mobile device you’ll probably have to punch in the details manually. Evernote and LinkedIn have come up with a solution. The former’s app is capable of scanning business cards, […]

LinkedIn Polls For Groups Will Be Shutting Down 15th May
While Facebook is seen more as a casual sort of social network, LinkedIn could be thought of as a more professional version of Facebook where people use it to connect to others of varying professions, like to build up a work-related network so to speak.It is also because of the number of professionals that use LinkedIn that it can also be used to poll professionals who use the website, but […]

LinkedIn Email Addresses Exposed Via Browser Plug-In Software
Security breaches in the digital world seem to be all too common these days, and such malicious activity does seem to have picked up in pace in recent times, too. Thankfully, what has happened with the email addresses of LinkedIn users this time around IS NOT a security breach, but rather, Sell Hack, a free extension for the Chrome browser, will rely on an algorithm in order for it to […]

LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace Launched
LinkedIn refers to itself as a “professional social network,” most users also use it as a job hunting website. Its no secret that people try landing jobs through the site, employers looking to hire new talent often reach out candidates themselves. Conventional jobs require that the employee be paid, but what if someone is looking for talent that would be willing to work pro-bono? What if someone willingly wants to […]

Twitter Sees 500,000 Job Postings Published A Month, Expected To Rise To 2 Million
LinkedIn is considered by many to be one of the social networks that professionals turn to for job recruitment purposes as well as networking with other professionals for other reasons, but it seems that Twitter is giving LinkedIn a run for its money as recent stats have shown that job ads posted on Twitter have been on a rise. This is according to recruiting company, Gozaik, who has found that […]

LinkedIn Flexes Its Mobile Muscles
Professional social network LinkedIn has announced significant mobile initiatives today: a brand new iPad app, LinkedIn Intro – a connection from email apps directly to LinkedIn, and an updated Pulse reader that will allow users to now only read news, but also follow exclusive content from LinkedIn Influencers. At the heart of LinkedIn strategy is that the idea that “simple” is better and effectively means a multi-app strategy.

LinkedIn Has Denied Harvesting User Email Accounts Illegally
At the end of last week, we brought you word that customers have already filed a lawsuit against LinkedIn, claiming that the company has hacked their email accounts without prior permission. Well, LinkedIn has already issued a denial over this particular allegation that they have broken into the email accounts of its members without permission beforehand in order to harvest their contacts’ addresses. In the class action complaint by a […]