twitter-beta-testLinkedIn is considered by many to be one of the social networks that professionals turn to for job recruitment purposes as well as networking with other professionals for other reasons, but it seems that Twitter is giving LinkedIn a run for its money as recent stats have shown that job ads posted on Twitter have been on a rise. This is according to recruiting company, Gozaik, who has found that on average, there have been about 500,000 job postings posted on Twitter on a monthly basis, with job postings for sales positions being the most popular at 25% of the tweets, followed by IT and other technology jobs, and surprisingly even medical/dental listings account for 15% of those tweets.


Speaking  to the folks at VentureBeat, Gozaik’s co-founder, Joe Budzienski says, “They are recruiting surgeons on Twitter and top-notch oncologists — many roles you don’t even see on LinkedIn […] There are a lot of professionals on Twitter who blog and tweet about the medical field, so therefore you get lots of announcements coming out in the hopes that these individuals will see them.” At the rate this is going, Gozaik estimates that it shouldn’t be too long before these job postings on Twitter will hit 2 million posts a month! Assuming this happens, we expect Twitter will soon start to leverage this rise in popularity and perhaps help make a way to allow people to search and post jobs more effectively.

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