If there’s one thing that technology has not quite been able to disrupt yet its the business card. Its an easy way of giving someone your contact information in less than a second. Though if you want to save that contact in your mobile device you’ll probably have to punch in the details manually. Evernote and LinkedIn have come up with a solution. The former’s app is capable of scanning business cards, thus making it available for users both on the device and in LinkedIn as well.


Evernote app’s card scanning feature relies upon optical character recognition which automatically pulls out phone numbers, email addresses, titles and names to store them in the note-taking app. Previously only premium customers had access to this feature. Now all Evernote users can get access to it for one year provided they link their accounts with LinkedIn.

Once the user scans a card they will be given an option to connect with that contact on LinkedIn, save their contact information in the mobile device or even share their own information. It takes the pain out of manually saving a contact and later having to look them up on the world’s largest “professional social network.”

The feature is rolling out for all Evernote users on iPhone and iPad today. The company promises that the Android app will soon be updated with it as well.

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