We’ve already seen Domino’s DomiCopter, which is the company’s drone that has been modified to deliver pizza, but it looks like having drones deliver our food is starting to catch on as a restaurant in Soho, London will start using them to serve meals to its customers.

YO! Sushi has come up with the iTray, which is the restaurant’s serving tray that can travel 50 meters in distance at 25mph to deliver your food to your table. The iTray uses on-board cameras to provide a live video feed to the restaurant’s waiters and kitchen staff just to make sure food goes to the right customer.

The iTray is expected to be introduced to 64 UK branches of YO! Sushi by 2014, as long as the pilot phase goes without a hitch. If YO! Sushi can somehow navigate their iTrays well enough where they aren’t dropping plates of food on their customers laps or bumping into them while they carry a hot bowl of soup, then they certainly should be able to expand to other chain restaurants. Let’s just hope the people piloting these days don’t have an off day, though.

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