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MacBook Shipments Could See 15-25% Decline Due To Expensive New Models
It’s safe to say that when the new MacBook Pros were launched, many were taken aback by the prices as they were higher than the previous generation. This was actually made worse in the UK where due to the financial ramifications of Brexit, it was much, much higher than before. Because of this, MacBook shipments are expected to take a hit.

Apple Explains Why The MacBook Will Never Have A Touchscreen
One of the changes that laptop makers are making to their products these days is by integrating a touchscreen. This means that users can interact with the device either via more traditional methods like with a keyboard and mouse, or touch the display to navigate the system. So the question is, will Apple eventually give in and create a touchscreen laptop too?

Apple Expected To Announce First Decline In Annual Revenue Since 2001
For many years now, Apple has been a largely profitable company with revenue that seems to be increasing on an annual basis. However as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and it seems that tomorrow Apple is expected to for the first time since 2001 announce a decline in annual revenue.

Apple Registers Trademarks For Three New MacBooks
Apple has already confirmed that it’s going to conduct an event later this week but it hasn’t revealed what new products will be announced on October 27. Rumors and reports suggest that the company is going to show off some new MacBooks and that really does appear to be the case as the company has registered trademarks for three new MacBooks in Russia. The trademark filings published today reveal that […]


2018 MacBooks Will Reportedly Feature Dynamic E Ink Keyboards
We have seen rumors in the past that Apple might bring E Ink keyboards to MacBooks and now a major news outlet is claiming that Apple will introduce its new keyboard for notebooks with the 2018 MacBook lineup. According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is working with Australian startup Sonder on a dynamic E Ink. Sonder is also going to launch its own Bluetooth E […]

Video Shows Angry Apple Customer Smashing Various Products In-Store
We’ve all had bad experiences with customer service before, and we all react differently. Some of us file complaints, some of us pull our accounts out immediately, some demand to speak to a supervisor, but over in Dijon, France, a recent video has surfaced which shows a very angry Apple customer going around smashing the products in the store.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Rumored For Late October Launch
If you are planning on getting a new MacBook Pro, we suggest that you hold off on doing so. This is because in case you haven’t heard, Apple is working on a revamped model that will represent one of the biggest changes and upgrades that they have made to the MacBook Pro series in a long time.

Apple Joins RE100 Renewable Energy Initiative
If there is one thing that Apple loves to boast, it is that their products are green. Not the color green, but green as in good for the environment because Apple chooses to use renewable energy, as well as choosing materials that won’t have a negative impact on the environment. However going green is more than just about their products.

Is Apple Planning On Eliminating The Headphone Jack On MacBooks?
It was a bit of a controversial move by Apple to remove the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Instead Apple seemed to promote using audio products with Lightning, which have existed for a while, or going wireless. However could Apple be thinking of doing the same to its MacBooks?

Tim Cook Advises Customer To ‘Stay Tuned’ For Mac Updates
Are you looking forward to new Mac computers? If the rumors are to be believed, we can expect a pretty major MacBook Pro refresh later this year. However we guess since Apple hasn’t really announced anything major for Macs in a while, some customers are starting to wonder if maybe Apple could be moving away from their Mac lineup.

New Apple Patent Hints At MacBook With Cellular Capabilities
The idea of a cellular laptop isn’t new, and in the past we have seen some companies attempt to popularize it, but safe to say that the idea has never really taken off. Now Apple themselves have explored the idea in various patents we have seen in the past, but none of them have come to fruition.

New iMacs, MacBook, 5K Display Coming This Year [Rumor]
One of the biggest Apple-related rumors this year is that we could be getting a brand new MacBook Pro. That much we already know, but as it turns out, there is more in the pipeline than we had previously thought, at least according to a recent report from Bloomberg in which Mark Gurman says we can expect a new iMac, Macbooks, and a 5K display.

The Wolfe Will Turn Your Mac Into A Better Gaming Rig
Apple’s higher-end MacBooks and iMacs come with GPUs. They aren’t necessarily the most powerful GPUs, but they are there if you need to do things like edit videos, photos, or play games, in which they should be able to do a better job compared to an integrated GPU that the lower-end models sport.

These Are The Macs That Are Compatible With macOS Sierra
Yesterday Apple announced macOS Sierra, which is essentially a rebranded OS X and the latest operating system for Apple’s Mac computers. Now obviously the OS update brings a ton of new features and changes to the platform, like support for Siri, auto unlock, and more, so the question is, will your Mac be able to support it?