Earlier this week and as per the rumors, Apple took the wraps off their latest laptop which came in the form of the 12-inch MacBook. The device was rumored about for a while now and it looks like for the most part, the rumors were true regarding its choice of ports (or lack thereof) and the fact that it would be a fanless design.

That being said we can only imagine that some users probably aren’t fans of the new design and the fact that Apple had pretty much decided to kill off all but one port, the USB Type-C. Some believe that this could be the way of the future but at the same time we reckon it would take some getting used to, but recently a hilarious video has surfaced which shows an Apple “engineer” explain how the design of the MacBook came to be.

We should note that the video is not of an actual Apple engineer but rather a parody of sorts. The video is basically an editing of a Spanish video with English subtitles overlaid on it. We have to say that it is pretty funny and our favorite was how the reason there was only one port was because Jony Ive forgot to mill the rest of the ports before showing it to Tim Cook.

The video was uploaded by Armando Ferreira and has close to 2 million views at this time of writing. If you haven’t seen it, check out the video above to get your Friday laughs in.

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