macbookMany lamented the lack of ports on Apple’s new 12-inch Retina MacBook. In fact many also lamented the fact that it no longer used the MagSafe charger which many MacBook owners have gotten to know and love over the years, instead the new laptop relied on the USB-C connector, which at the moment is still in its infancy.

However the good news is that due to the use of a USB-C connector, it also means that charging it via the wall socket might no longer be necessary. The folks at Mashable have discovered that it is entirely possible to charge the new MacBook using a power bank. All the user would need is a power bank along with a USB-C to USB-A cable and you would be good to go!

Now that isn’t to say that power bank charging wasn’t possible with previous MacBooks, but they required an adapter but in this case, it seems a lot more efficient, so to speak. This will come in handy for the frequent traveller who might not always have access to a wall socket, so charging their laptop via a power bank on the go is probably the next best thing.

It will also come in handy if the cafe you’re visiting has no available power outlets or ones that might be near you. It’s an interesting idea and one that new MacBook owners can probably take advantage of the next time they’re out and about.

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