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Apple Looking Into Using Smartphones To Power A Laptop
Our smartphones these days are so powerful that they make computers from a decade ago feel downright ancient and out of date. However could our smartphones be powerful enough to be on par with laptops? Perhaps, and if that day comes, it seems that Apple could be toying with the idea of a laptop powered by a smartphone.

Apple Expected To Ship 15 Million MacBooks In 2017
According to the figures released by Gartner about a week ago, it was revealed that Apple got a small boost in its Q4 2016 market share thanks to its new MacBook Pros. This is despite the fact that the new laptops are incredibly expensive and are lacking certain features that customers have been asking for, such as 32GB RAM options.

macOS Beta Warns If Display Brightness Affects MacBook Battery Life
It goes without saying that for any mobile device, the brightness of your display no doubt affects the battery life of your device, whether it be your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, and so on. However this is something that Apple wants users to be more aware of as discovered in the fourth beta of macOS 10.12.3.

Apple Announces Chinese New Year Promotions
In case you’re not familiar, Chinese New Year in 2017 will be kicking off on the 28th of January. The good news is that it looks like Apple wants to help some of their customers celebrate the holiday by announcing several Chinese New Year-related promotions for those who buy an iPhone or Mac.


Apple’s Mac Development Has Reportedly Taken A Backseat
So it has been more than a year since we saw any refreshes made to the iMac or Mac Pro (3 years for the Mac Pro). This has led to speculation that maybe Apple doesn’t care about the desktop market quite as much anymore, and given that there were quite a number of criticisms leveled at the new MacBook Pros, some think that Apple is starting to focus less on […]

Apple Offering Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers Free Next-Day Shipping
Thinking of doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? We suppose you should have done it earlier since we’re less than a week away from the holiday, but in case you were too busy, you still have time. However there is the question of shipping and if you’re someone who shops online a lot, that could present a problem.

Apple Hints At The Return Of Black Friday Sales
Apple is a company known for their premiumly-priced products, which is a nicer way of saying that their stuff is expensive. When the company does offer discounts, they aren’t particularly much either, although recently Apple did offer up discounts on its USB-C dongle accessories and LG Ultrafine displays by as much as 25%.

Snapnator Brings MagSafe Back To The MacBook
With the 12-inch Retina MacBook and the new MacBook Pros, it is clear that Apple is pretty much done with the MagSafe connector, which some have dubbed one of the best inventions by Apple ever. In case you’re unfamiliar, MagSafe is a magnetic charging port that allows the charger to easily unclip when tripped over.

Apple Drops SSD Upgrade Prices On Older Mac Computers
Are you thinking of buying a new Apple computer? If you are, Apple has just launched its new MacBook Pro lineup, but safe to say that they are pretty expensive. If you’d rather not spend that money on a new laptop, there is some good news because Apple is actually dropping the prices of SSD upgrades for its older Mac lineup.

Future MacBook Pros Could Sport OLED Screens
So far the Apple products that we know use OLED technology are the Apple Watch and the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pros. There are also rumors that come 2017, Apple’s iPhone could also be making the jump from LCD to OLED, and now if the rumors are true, future MacBook Pros could also be making the switch.

MacBook Shipments Could See 15-25% Decline Due To Expensive New Models
It’s safe to say that when the new MacBook Pros were launched, many were taken aback by the prices as they were higher than the previous generation. This was actually made worse in the UK where due to the financial ramifications of Brexit, it was much, much higher than before. Because of this, MacBook shipments are expected to take a hit.

Apple Explains Why The MacBook Will Never Have A Touchscreen
One of the changes that laptop makers are making to their products these days is by integrating a touchscreen. This means that users can interact with the device either via more traditional methods like with a keyboard and mouse, or touch the display to navigate the system. So the question is, will Apple eventually give in and create a touchscreen laptop too?

Apple Expected To Announce First Decline In Annual Revenue Since 2001
For many years now, Apple has been a largely profitable company with revenue that seems to be increasing on an annual basis. However as the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and it seems that tomorrow Apple is expected to for the first time since 2001 announce a decline in annual revenue.

Apple Registers Trademarks For Three New MacBooks
Apple has already confirmed that it’s going to conduct an event later this week but it hasn’t revealed what new products will be announced on October 27. Rumors and reports suggest that the company is going to show off some new MacBooks and that really does appear to be the case as the company has registered trademarks for three new MacBooks in Russia. The trademark filings published today reveal that […]