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Apple Seems To Be On A Hiring Spree For Designers
Apple is one of those companies where at this point in time, every move they make, the world is watching. This is why we’re sure that there are many out there who are curious to see what Apple could be up to next, whether it be a new iPhone, new iPad, new Mac computer, or maybe something completely unexpected.

13-inch MacBook Could Replace The MacBook Air This Year
Given how many types of laptops Apple has available at the moment, we’re sure that some are wondering about how the company plans on managing its lineup. Take for example the MacBook Air which seems like it could be on its way out, and a report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors) seems to hint that it could be happening.

2018’s MacBook Pro Won’t See Any Major Upgrades
If you were thinking about getting a new MacBook Pro this year and were holding out for the 2018 model, prepare to be disappointed because a report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors) has hinted that this year’s MacBook Pro refresh will not be bringing about any type of major upgrades.

Apple Reportedly Sold 20 Million Mac Computers In 2017
Apple’s macOS operating system is obviously not the most-used platform in the world, but in terms of the number of computers sold, it looks like Apple is actually doing pretty well for themselves. This is according to the latest numbers by IDC and Gartner, in which it revealed that Apple had managed to sell 20 million Mac computers in 2017.


Apple To Launch ‘Global Flagship’ Retail Store In Australia
As far as official Apple Stores in Australia are concerned, there are quite a few scattered throughout the country. However it seems like that isn’t enough because Apple has since announced their plans to launch a “global flagship” store in Federation Square, which is located in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Apple Increases Mac Trade-In Values Up To $2,500
If you’re looking to get a new computer and don’t know what to do with your old one, Apple offers a trade-in program where Mac users can trade-in their older Mac computer for a new one, where they could previously get up to $1,500 in trade-in value. We say “previously” because the good news is that the value of the trade-in has been increased.

Jony Ive To Resume Control Of Apple’s Design Team
When it comes to Apple’s products, it’s hard not to associate the design of some of the company’s more iconic products with its design chief, Jony Ive. However in case you didn’t know, Ive has been hands-off for the past couple of years from the day-to-day management of the design team, but he has since returned to his role.

Apple Could Adopt Faster Circuit Boards For Its Products In 2018
When Apple launched the iPhone 8, 8, and the iPhone X a couple of months ago, the company touted the various hardware and software features and improvements, but under the hood, there were some changes that Apple did not reveal. This came in the form of the use of a new type of flexible circuit board made from liquid crystal polymer.

Apple’s Brooklyn Store Will Feature Sound Dampening Ceilings & Floors
You might think that a store is just a store, but some companies actually take the time to carefully design their stores to make it more than just somewhere you buy their products. This is why you might have noticed that certain stores are designed a certain way, and this is what Apple is going for in their upcoming downtown Brooklyn store.

Apple Wants To Make Its Products From 100% Recycled Materials
On every Apple product page and at the end of every Apple product announcement, the Cupertino company loves to boast at how green they are when it comes to building their products and the packaging used for its products. However as it stands sometimes raw materials and rare metals are still required.

Apple’s Market Cap Crosses $900 Billion, On Track To Hit $1 Trillion
For the past few quarters, Apple has been consistently reporting a decline in iPhone sales, which we suppose combine that with the market being as mature and saturated as it is today, and the fact that Apple hasn’t really made much innovations for the past 3 generations, shouldn’t really have come as a surprise.

Apple Selling A $120 Leather Sleeve For The MacBook
Apple has long sold accessories for the iPhone and iPads that it has made on its own. These accessories can be found alongside select third-party accessories at the company’s online and physical retail stores. Apple has never made a laptop sleeve before, though, and that’s changing now. The company has introduced a new leather sleeve for the 12 inch MacBook. As you might have expected, it’s not exactly cheap.

Latest Figures Show That Apple’s Mac Shipments Are Down
Apple’s Mac computers never really command that huge of a market share. In fact if anything it seems that the company’s market share just got a bit smaller because according to the latest figures shared by Gartner, Apple’s Mac shipments are down in the latest quarter of the year, although to be fair the rest of the PC market appears to be on a downwards trend as well.

Poll Finds That Almost Two-Thirds Of Americans Own An Apple Product
Apple is one of those companies that people love to hate, whether it be because the company seems to be “slow” when introducing new features to its products that competitors have had for years, its price, its design, its naming scheme, and so on. However it seems that despite many people seemingly mocking Apple, quite a few people actually own an Apple product.