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Apple’s CEO Claims Their Products Aren’t Made For The Rich
Whenever brands such as Xiaomi come to mind, you might associate the company with creating affordable products, like the recently launched Mi Notebook Pro which appears to be a much more affordable version of Apple’s MacBook Pro. However when you mention Apple, chances are you might associate them with premium priced products.

Twelve South Debuts The Curve Stand For The MacBook Pro
If you use a laptop as your primary computing device, but connect it to a monitor when you’re home, there are many ways you can go about doing it, and recently accessory maker Twelve South has debuted a new stand called the Curve which appears to be an evolution of the iCurve, the first ever stand by the company that was launched way back in 2003.

BioShock Remastered Will Be Coming To The Mac August 22
Back in 2016, BioShock: The Collection was officially announced, which for those unfamiliar is basically a remastering of old BioShock titles for the console. It was later brought over onto the PC, which had some wondering what about Mac gamers? The good news is that Mac users will be shown some love too later next week.

Apple Has Protected Enough Forests To Cover Its Packaging Needs
We know that Apple has always been very environmentally-conscious, what with the company opting to use recycled materials for its packaging or even making its operations green by relying on alternative sources of energy, such as solar. Now it seems that it has gotten to the point where Apple is protecting enough forests to cover its packaging needs.


Apple’s Back-To-School Promo Offers Free Beats With MacBook
If you’re a student going back to school after the summer holidays, know that Apple is having a back-to-school promo which actually seems to offer up a pretty decent deal where you will be able to score yourself a free set of Beats headphones with a Mac purchase. This will cover the iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air.

Students Get Free Beats Headphones On MacBook And iPad Purchase
There are still a couple of months before school starts again. Many students will be looking to upgrade their tech before they head off to school again. No wonder we’re seeing computer companies come out with their own promotions to capture new customers. While Apple isn’t offering significant discounts on its products which tend to be quite sought after, the company is offering a pair of free Beats headphones.

Vinpok’s Bolt-S USB-C Adapter Could Be The MagSafe We’ve Been Waiting For
One of the features that many lamented had been removed from the new MacBooks is the MagSafe connector, which ensured that laptop owners would not trip over their laptops and send them crashing to the flood. Now we’ve seen quite a few third-party options, but for the most part they tended to stick out like sore thumbs.

iMac Gets Major Update, New iMac Pro Is Apple's Most Powerful Mac
Apple has updated its Mac lineup today with faster processors and graphics, Thunderbolt 3, brighter Retina displays, faster storage options, and more. Apple has also updated the MacBook and MacBook Pro lineups today with faster processors. The company has launched a new product called the iMac Pro which it claims is the most powerful Mac it has ever made.

New MacBook, MacBook Pro Upgrades Planned For WWDC
If you’re looking forward to new MacBook upgrades, it seems that you might not have to wait much longer. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is rumored to introduce new MacBook and MacBook Pro upgrades at WWDC 2017 which kicks off next month. This is interesting as for a while now, WWDC has stopped focusing on hardware launches.

Apple Support App Can Schedule Repairs With Authorized Providers
If your Apple device is faulty or broken, sending it back to Apple is one of the ways you can go about getting it fixed. However for some customers, this can be a hassle as not everyone stays near an Apple Store. However that will change in the future thanks to an update to the Apple Support app.

Apple’s Polycarbonate MacBook Now Declared Obsolete
Back before Apple started to make all of their laptops out of aluminum unibodies, Apple used polycarbonate like they did with their lower-end MacBook laptops. While those laptops haven’t been made in years, it seems that their time has officially come to an end as the laptop has been marked as “obsolete”.

Apple Plans To Make Its Products Entirely From Recycled Materials
Apple is one of the greener tech companies in operation today, and the company’s efforts at making their products and operations are green as possible is one that they are pretty proud of and have never failed to remind their customers of that. However as it stands there are still some components of their products that aren’t quite as environmentally-friendly.

Steve Wozniak Thinks Apple Will Still Be Around In 2075
In the next 58 years or so, quite a few of us might be dead, some of us might be really old,  and some of us could be hitting the retirement age. However if there is one thing that could still be standing in 2075, it could be Apple. This is according to Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak who believes that Apple will still be around by that time.

Apple Has No Plans For ARM-Based Or Touchscreen Macs For Now
There have been talks over the years that Apple could eventually put out an ARM-based Mac computer. In fact earlier this year a report from Apple insider Mark Gurman at Bloomberg hinted that ARM-based MacBook Pros could be launched this year, although it seems that this chipset won’t be replacing Intel’s chipset, but rather exist alongside it.