apple-macbook-pro-2So it has been more than a year since we saw any refreshes made to the iMac or Mac Pro (3 years for the Mac Pro). This has led to speculation that maybe Apple doesn’t care about the desktop market quite as much anymore, and given that there were quite a number of criticisms leveled at the new MacBook Pros, some think that Apple is starting to focus less on its Macs.


A recent article on Bloomberg by Mark Gurman seems to support that theory. According to Gurman, he claims that Apple’s Mac team is no longer what it once was and no longer have the same clout they have with the design team and software team. A good example is when the team tried to introduce the tiered battery system found in the 12-inch MacBook to the new MacBook Pros.

However failed tests resulted in Apple reverting to an older and more standard design that actually resulted in worse battery life. Gurman also notes how departures of key members on the Mac team have slowed things down as a whole. He also says how Jony Ive’s design team is meeting with the Mac team less frequently, and how concepts aren’t as reviewed quite as frequently anymore.

On Apple’s end, they reassure users that it’s business as usual. In fact a recent message from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company had “great desktops” on its roadmap. Whether or not he was just trying to boost morale or if that’s really the case remains to be seen, but with the focus being on wearables, the talks about augmented reality, and also rumors of car plans, we guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

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