iMacRetina-2Up-PR-PRINTAre you thinking of buying a new Apple computer? If you are, Apple has just launched its new MacBook Pro lineup, but safe to say that they are pretty expensive. If you’d rather not spend that money on a new laptop, there is some good news because Apple is actually dropping the prices of SSD upgrades for its older Mac lineup.


What this means is that if you don’t mind using “older” technology, you will be able to trick it out with higher capacity SSD storage and not have to pay as much as before. The drop in prices are also pretty substantial and go up to $200. An example would be the 512GB SSD option which was set at around $300-400, while the 1TB option would cost customers $800-900.

However according to the reports, it looks like they have since been discounted where the 512GB upgrade will cost around $200-$300, while the 1TB option has been discounted to $600-$700. Now the difference in prices will range depending on which model and which configuration you go with, but basically these are definitely cheaper than before.

We’re not sure why Apple is discounting the SSD upgrades, but perhaps with the newer SSDs used in the new MacBook Pros, the older and slower models are now cheaper. Either way we guess this is good news so if you want to take advantage of that, hit up Apple’s website for the details.

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