With the 12-inch Retina MacBook and the new MacBook Pros, it is clear that Apple is pretty much done with the MagSafe connector, which some have dubbed one of the best inventions by Apple ever. In case you’re unfamiliar, MagSafe is a magnetic charging port that allows the charger to easily unclip when tripped over.

Many MacBook users can attest to how many times their laptops have been saved because of this feature, so it is weird that Apple has killed it off. The good news is that if you don’t mind investing in third-party accessories, a Kickstarter project for a device called the Snapnator has been launched that will bring MagSafe-like charging to your MacBook laptops, or actually any device that uses USB-C.

The Snapnator connects to your laptop via the USB-C port. It then adds a magnetic connection in which you will then connect another device, which is connected to your charger, to it. This means that in the event of a trip, it will just unhook the magnetic connector as opposed to ripping out your cable and sending your laptop crashing to the ground.

Now given its USB-C connectivity, in theory you could use it to connect to other chargers, like USB-C to USB-C chargers like those used by the Nexus 6P and the new Pixel phones, thus giving your smartphones MagSafe-like features as well. The Snapnator is definitely not the first of its kind as earlier this year, Griffin launched a similar device called the BreakSafe, so consider the Snapnator an alternative to the BreakSafe if you will.

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