Apple’s higher-end MacBooks and iMacs come with GPUs. They aren’t necessarily the most powerful GPUs, but they are there if you need to do things like edit videos, photos, or play games, in which they should be able to do a better job compared to an integrated GPU that the lower-end models sport.


However even though they can be used for gaming, obviously this pales in comparison to an actual gaming rig with a desktop-class GPU, something that most Mac users will probably acknowledge, but that no longer has to be the case. A Kickstarter project for a device called the Wolfe will change that.

Basically the Wolfe lets Mac users connect an external GPU to their computer. External GPUs aren’t exactly new, but the Wolfe will give users at least one more alternative to choose from. Users can choose between either the model with an NVIDIA GTX 950 or a 970, or there is also the DIY option that lets users create their own enclosure so that they can fit other GPUs inside of it.

Of course not everyone needs an external GPU, but if you’re looking to do more performance-intensive activities on your laptop, like virtual reality, 3D modeling, and so on, this could be one way to go about it. For more details, hit up its Kickstarter page.

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