redesigned_apple_websiteIf you were to surf on over to Apple’s website right now, you may or may not notice that there have been some changes made to the website. If you’re particularly observant (or if you’ve read our article’s title), you’ll notice that the dedicated link to the online Apple Store has been removed, but fret not because online shopping is still available.

It looks like Apple has decided to merge both its online store and website into one, as opposed to previously where Apple’s website kind of acted as a showroom for their products, and the online store would be where you would actually purchase said products. But now all that is gone as showroom and store have been merged into one.

According to an Apple spokesperson in a statement made to TechCrunch, “We redesigned knowing that our customers want to explore, research and shop in one place. The new takes the very best of our existing site and our online store to give customers one simple destination to learn and buy without navigating between two different sites.”

So if you typically buy your Apple products from Apple’s online website, don’t panic if you find the store tab missing. Just navigate on over to the products you actually want to buy and you should be able to find a “Buy” button that will let you begin the purchasing process.

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