Windows 10 Has Its Own Version of Minecraft

Minecraft is already available on a wide variety of platforms and it almost seems like there aren’t any more mainstream platforms out there on which this game can be launched, Windows obviously has it but does creating a new version for a new iteration of Windows count? Probably, because Microsoft has seen it fit to introduce a separate version of Minecraft just for Windows 10.

Minecraft For PC Has Sold 20 Million Copies To Date

Sometimes there are games created with a huge hype and ambition that falls flat on its face. Then there are games like Minecraft whose creators probably did not envision it would be seeing the cult following and blockbuster success that it is seeing. In fact according to Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan, it seems that the PC version of the game has sold 20 million copies to date. Kaplan announced this on […]

Microsoft Launches Site To Help Teachers Master Minecraft

While Minecraft was probably created a simple open world game that let gamers build their own worlds and constructs, it eventually evolved and over time, it has become more than just a game. In fact educators have found that the game is pretty useful in the educational scene where it can teach children about science, technology, and even how to code! That being said as powerful as the tool is, […]

Kids Get To Play Minecraft In Movie Theaters This Summer

Most of us play games at home on our computer monitors which is usually of the 20+ inch variety. Some gamers might have their rigs hooked up to a larger TV, or some gamers even rely on a projector screen to play their games, thus getting even larger displays. However it seems that kids these days are getting spoilt, thanks to the folks at Super League Gaming. What they have […]


Minecraft Will Be Used To Teach Kids To Code

While Minecraft is largely viewed as a game, there seems to be something about it that has some kind of educational value attached to it. Previously we have heard how the game could be used to teach children about science and technology, and now a tech education company by the name of Youth Digital is planning to use the game to teach kids how to code. According to Justin Richards […]

Microsoft Developing Special Version Of Minecraft For HoloLens

A few months back Microsoft wowed everybody with its HoloLens technology, back then the company said that it would build experiences for this product and it showed one such experience today. During its E3 2015 press conference Microsoft demonstrated a special version of Minecraft that it’s building for HoloLens.

Lego Has Released A Minecraft Rival

Minecraft and Lego both have huge fan followings so there’s a chance that this might spark debates about which one is better, but if Minecraft isn’t proving to be fun for you perhaps you might like to try Lego’s new game which is actually a Minecraft rival. Lego has launched the new game today and it’s called Lego Worlds, it is available right now through Steam early access which is basically […]

Minecraft Pocket Edition To Receive Player Skins, New Animals And More

Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that the Minecraft Pocket Edition will soon be updated with several new items, the biggest addition to this version of the game will be player skins. Player skins have been available for a long time for Minecraft on PC and consoles, they have actually become a part of the experience so it’s about time that Mojang is adding player skins to the Pocket Edition.

P.T. Recreated In Minecraft, Surprisingly Just As Scary

As gamers might recall, a couple of weeks ago Konami took P.T. down from the PlayStation Store. The company also later confirmed that Silent Hills had been officially cancelled, but this does not mean that P.T. has to die off completely, does it? Well as it turns out it doesn’t as P.T. has been remade in none other than Minecraft. In the video above you can watch the folks at […]

Minecraft Is Most Watched Game On YouTube

When it comes to YouTube, you know that there are millions and millions of videos to choose from. The thing is, which particular video should you spend your time to watch? While the common answer that would spring to mind would be cat videos, you might be surprised to hear that Minecraft happens to be the most watched game where YouTube is concerned.

Top Ten Games On YouTube Revealed

YouTube is celebrating its ten year anniversary and to commemorate the occasion it has partnered up with Nestle to temporarily rebrand the KitKat candy bar to YouTube Break in the UK. That’s not all though, the online video streaming site has also revealed some interesting statistics about the most popular games, based on time watched. It has shared a list of the top ten games on YouTube.

Minecraft Players Can Now Choose To Play As A Girl

Minecraft is a very popular game that’s played by millions of people from all around the world, men and women alike. Whenever a player fires up the game for the first time they’re given the option to play as Steve, commonly referred to as the “Minecraft Guy,” the blocky blue-shirted character is doubtedly the most famous minecrafter in the world. However “jolly old Steve doesn’t really represent the diversity of our […]

Published Minecraft Exploit Can Let Hackers Crash Servers

Today a security researcher has published an exploit which hackers can take advantage of to crash Minecraft servers. Apparently the researcher kept on warning Mojang, the game’s creator, about this exploit but after being ignored multiple times he decided to go ahead and publish it. Mojang allegedly ignored his warnings for up to an year before he ultimately decided to make the exploit public.

Minecon 2015 Tickets Sale Starts On March 27th

Minecon is an annual convention where Minecraft fans gather to celebrate their favorite game. Mojang confirmed last month that Minecon 2015 is going to take place after skipping 2014, it expects more than 10,000 people to turn up, the event is going to take place in London. Mojang finally confirmed today when Minecon 2015 tickets sale starts. Minecraft fans who want to attend the festivities should mark their calendars for […]