Minecraft For Nintendo Wii U Confirmed

Minecraft has always been available on a wide variety of platforms and ever since the company behind it was picked up by Microsoft, it even arrived on some of Redmond’s platforms that were not supported previously. Microsoft did say at the time of the deal that it would continue to bring Minecraft to platforms other than its own, it follows through on that promise by confirming Minecraft for Nintendo Wii […]

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Available On PC, Xbox One And Xbox 360

It looks like the folks over at Mojang and Telltale Games have continued to keep their promise, having rolling out the third of five planned episodes when it comes to Minecraft: Story Mode. This third instalment of the adventure series happens to be somewhat based on the hugely popular Minecraft sandbox game, and for those who are interested to continue, you will first need to have to download it on […]

Minecraft Wii U Edition Classification Removed By PEGI

According to a report from last week, it was suggested that Minecraft could finally be making its way onto the Wii U. This is thanks to a sighting on the PEGI website in which the Minecraft Wii U Edition was spotted with a PEGI 7 rating. Unfortunately despite the 12th of November date that was listed, we still have not heard official word even until today. The bad news is […]

Microsoft CEO Thinks Minecraft Can Help Get Girls Into Comp Science

Recent developments in society and the tech industry have started to see a concern over the lack of diversity at the workplace, namely how there seem to be more men than women in the field. However there have been efforts made to change that, such as introducing apps and programs that teach women how to code. There are also initiatives where apps have been developed that encourage children to code, […]


Minecraft Could Be Coming To The Wii U After All

Nintendo has a lot of great first-party titles, but sometimes gamers want more than just their share of Mario, Link, Yoshi, and so on. Sometimes third-party titles would be nice too. Now Minecraft has been out for a while now and so far the game has found its way onto every platform save for the Wii U. The good news is that if you are a Wii U owner hoping […]

Minecraft: Story Mode For Android And iOS Released

Minecraft is a very popular game with a very passionate fan following, many were not convinced by the idea that adding a storyline to the game will do any good, but they held their judgement until Minecraft: Story Mode was actually released. Mojang teamed up with Telltale Games on this project, Telltale already has a lot of experience with creating episodic games series, which gave some fans hope that the developer […]

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 Trailer Released

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 “The Order of the Stone” has been officially pegged for a release on the 13th of October for PCs and consoles, and October 15th for mobile. If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should bother, perhaps you might be interested in checking out the first episode’s trailer which was recently released by the folks at Telltale Games.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Heads For Oculus Rift VR

Minecraft has made its developer a very, very rich man, and not only that, this is because it happens to be a game that has proven to be extremely popular in recent times. After all, Minecraft creator ‘Notch’ decided to cash out while the going is good by selling his studio and the intellectual property to Microsoft, and it seems that this particular move saw the game being used to […]

Minecraft: Story Mode First Episode Release Date Confirmed

Minecraft fans are in for a treat next month, they’ll finally be able to experience a whole new vision for this popular game. It was confirmed a couple of months back that a Minecraft: Story Mode is being developed in collaboration with Telltale Games, which has ample experience under its belt when it comes to episodic titles. Telltale confirms today that the Minecraft: Story Mode first episode is going to be […]

Minecraft For Windows 10 Gets Cross-Platform Play

Minecraft for Windows 10 as well as the Pocket editions of this popular game have been updated by Microsoft with support for cross-platform play, which basically means that players on Windows 10 can now build on the same server together as players on PC, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Interestingly the update arrives almost a year to the day that Mojang was acquired by Microsoft, Mojang is the maker of Minecraft.

Minecraft: Story Mode’s Release Leaked, Pegged For 27th October

All the years that Minecraft has been made available, there has never really been a story attached to the game. However we suppose for the most part, gamers were probably attracted to the fact to its open-world concept and the fact that you could build all sorts of things within the game. However in December 2014, Story Mode was announced for Minecraft but unfortunately a release date was not pegged, […]

This Minecraft PC Case Mod Looks Pretty Sweet

In the past we’ve seen some pretty awesome mods when it comes to PC cases. Like this Aztec-inspired PC case, or how could we forget this Hulk PC case mod which is pretty awesome as far as PC cases are concerned. That being said if you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you might be interested in the case pictured above. Now you’re probably rubbing your eyes thinking that the image […]

Minecraft 2 Release Is Off The Table For Now

Mojang hasn’t been that forthcoming with news about a possible sequel to Minecraft but once Microsoft purchased Mojang last year some believed that we might finally get to hear something about a possible Minecraft 2 release. It looks like there hasn’t been much change with regards to a possible sequel because Mojang says that for now a possible Minecraft 2 release is off the table. No use keeping your fingers crossed […]

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta Gets New Features This Fall

Since Microsoft acquired Mojang, best known for Minecraft, it didn’t surprise anyone when the company created a version of Minecraft just for Windows 10. It has been about a week since Windows 10 was released to the public which can now get to playing this popular game on their freshly updated machines. During Microsoft’s Gamescom keynote today Mojang announced that new features will be added to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition […]