Nearly a couple of years ago, we were treated to a look at the EMIRAI conceptual car interface from Mitsubishi. Well, it has been two years since, and we are pleased to announce that Mitsubishi themselves have come up with some progress concerning this concept. In fact, the EMIRAI 2 will be a whole concept car by itself, and if you happen to make your way to the Tokyo Motor Show that is happening over the course of this weekend, it will be on display there. This particular ride happens to continue from where the original EMIRAI left off, where it will still feature a rear projection customizable dashboard display, biometrics capabilities, as well as a complete sensor array.

The pair of EMIRAI 2 electric-vehicle concept cars that are on display should not be short of curious onlookers. One of the two will feature an EV powertrain, while the other would boast of a driving-assistance system which is touted to make driving on the road safer as well as more comfortable. Just what will the EV powertrain system come with? For starters, it will incorporate high-accuracy traction control as well as acceleration control, while the driving-assistance system would boast of an integrated image sensing in addition to powered on-board display technologies. It will be a sight and treat for motorheads for sure.

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