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DIY RJ-45 keychain and wall dock
DIY animatronic eyes - cute and spooky
Military-inspired camera launcher offers better look at surroundings
Brainwave Disruptor entrainment device built from scratch
Washing machine gets smarter with DIY tinkering
USB-powered Illuminator recycles household trash
Spy drone cracks Wi-Fi networks and cell data
DIY Segway costs just €300
Lego computer case houses three computers
Sony VAIO UX works with PS3 controller
StarCraft Universe (StarCraft 2 MMO mod) Gameplay Trailer released
DIY Batmobile has an iPad in dashboard
Cryptex combo USB flash drive
Ben Heck disc changer for the Xbox 360
Space Invaders get sized down, could be smallest in the world
Game Gear modded to become Handy Gear
Bandi Scarab gaming PC has looks that could kill
Joule Thief ensures you battery is really, really drained
Custom-made wireless mice are nice to look at