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Lightning McQueen modded to carry 500W electric motor
Did you watch Pixar’s Cars and its sequel? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that this motion picture has its fair share of following, especially among the younger generation. For those who have a soft spot for Lightning McQueen, you might want to check out what this doting father of Evan has to play with before Christmas. Evan’s dad, Sean, who works […]

iPhone 4S mod adds built-in wireless charging
The ability to charge a phone wirelessly is currently a luxury in the smartphone market. It is only available as an aftermarket modification by using a wireless charger pad and case. Tanveer, a doctor by day and a modder at night, has developed a process to eliminate the need of a case when wirelessly charging an iPhone 4s.

Fall of the Space Core mod for Skyrim is funny
Valve has just released a new mod for Skyrim on the Steam Workshop called Fall of the Space Core, Vol.1. Created using the Skyrim Creative Kit by Bethesda, the mod adds a Space Core from the world of Portal (Valve’s own popular game franchise) directly into your Skyrim game. While the Space Core doesn’t seem to do anything other than utter its usual phrases, and let you kick it around […]

iPhone Apple logo glow mod available for $42.90
MacBook Pro/Air owners can probably appreciate how the Apple logo on the lid of their laptops glows when the device is on. It’s a minor feature but attention to detail and minor aesthetics really makes a difference, and if you wish that your iPhone 4/4S’s Apple logo could glow as well, K.O. Gadget has a mod for your iPhone that will achieve a similar effect as well.


Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod
I can only look on at the Lenovo X1 Arcade Dock Mod above and marvel, wishing I had half the mad engineering skills that Dean Liou, PC modification extraordinaire, possesses. In fact, I think that even he himself is more than pleased with his latest creation, being one of the coolest arcade dock mod ever. It comes with a 15″ widescreen ThinkPad X1 that has been incorporated into the cabinet […]

Remote controlled Camaro carries Xbox 360 within
If this is not worthy of the Transformers badge, then I would not know what is. Your eyes might just see a yellow Camaro that reminds you of Bumblebee from the Transformers movies, but what is it doing with an Xbox 360 controller on the outside? Well, that is because inside this remote controlled Camaro, lies a fully functional Xbox 360 Slim. I can just imagine being in an apartment, […]

HandyNES offers portable NES goodness
Some people are just so darn handy with their hands – case in point, Ben Heck with his many creations which have proved to be really, really cool over the years. Well, here is yet another hardware mod that was not created by Ben Heck, but it is still some piece of work. A portable NES from the very same person who also did the HandyDuo, Handy Gear, and Nintenduo. […]

Recon Instruments MOD and MOD LIVE ski goggles: a dashboard in your head
If you’re a fan of skiing and video games, and wish that you could combine the two, you’re in luck. The folks over at Recon Instruments have decided to combine real-life skiing with video games with its brand new MOD and MOD LIVE ski goggles that displays you your realtime stats in front of your very eyes as you challenge the snowy slopes.

Royal Data Throne made out of printed circuit boards
Are you well acquainted with the porcelain throne after you had a really spicy meal at the local Thai restaurant, or during those crazy Saturday nights out where you had way too much to drink? Well, I am quite sure that you will find the Royal Data Throne depicted here far more different – where it is not meant for use, but rather, to be a showcase. After all, it […]

Tweephone hack is definitely something worth looking at
Now here is a unique modification of what we tend to take for granted in terms of sending our tweets via a variety of digital platforms and devices – an analog device that functions as your Twitter client. Yes sir, this neat little hack that is known as the Tweephone will hold an Arduino chipset underneath the hood, where it will be smart enough to interpret your pulls of the […]

Wearable light organ activated by sound
Do you feel that you have a little bit of extra time on your hands this coming weekend? If you have answered in the affirmative, then perhaps you might want to check out this particular DIY project – which is a wearable light organ that can be activated by sound. Measuring roughly the size of a couple of 9V batteries (while running on one, of course), the Light Organ that […]

GLaDOS model makes for a great hair clip
One thing you cannot deny about gamers would be this fact – they’re an extremely creative lot. After all, to solve puzzles in certain games do require a certain level of cerebral power, and when it comes to RPGs, sometimes you need to polish up on your reading skills to be able to remember who said what, as many a time clues are embedded within your nested conversations. Well, this […]

AT-AT Walker gets 4WD upgrade
One of the cooler vehicles from the Imperial Forces in the Star Wars franchise (on land, anyways) would be the imperious AT-AT Walkers that made short work of other land forces. Actually when you think about it, the droid army in the first three episodes of Star Wars would probably be able to shoot far better than human Stormtroopers, don’t you think so?Not only that, the kind of war machines […]

Solar powered cockroach targets kids
Want to teach your little one on the wonders of green, clean energy? Why not help him or her get involved hands-on – literally, with this unique DIY solar powered cockroach toy. Unlike an actual roach, this one is not disgusting looking at all (I hate roaches!) and won’t carry any diseases with it, although it will still share the general look. Basically, this is the toy to get if […]