Articles about Mod (page 2)

HandyNES offers portable NES goodness
Recon Instruments MOD and MOD LIVE ski goggles: a dashboard in your head
Royal Data Throne made out of printed circuit boards
Tweephone hack is definitely something worth looking at
Wearable light organ activated by sound
GLaDOS model makes for a great hair clip
AT-AT Walker gets 4WD upgrade
Solar powered cockroach targets kids
Air freshener triggers Mario theme upon detecting movement
Mouse measures your stress level
Star Wars Yamaha 2.1 surround sound system
X-Wing derby car looks like a dream to pilot
Toilet paper dispenser prints tweets and RSS feeds
All hail 23-inch Android MegaPad
Car honk mod ready to scare the metal out of the car in front
iPhone 4 mod makes logo glow
DIY 3D printer with robotic UV laser
Android working with HP TouchPad's touchscreen
Xbox 360 and PS3 crammed into PC case
LED Viking Helmet makes for cool Halloween costume