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Asus PA249Q ProArt LED-Backlit Monitor
[CES 2013] To be honest, after seeing everything else that Asus has unveiled at CES this year, it is a downer to cap it all off with something that does not exactly excite the masses – the world of monitors. I am referring to the PA249Q ProArt LED-backlit monitor, where it will target those who need a professional-grade monitor to help with their work. In fact, Asus claims that the […]

HP U160 15.6-inch LED Backlit Portable Monitor
[CES 2013] The HP U160 is a USB powered notebook monitor that can be folded inside a very practical case which acts as a stand when unfolded. The thin, light and elegant body weighs only 3.4 pounds and is only 1.02 inches thick.The HP U160 looks like the perfect monitor to have when on-the-go, and during the briefing with HP, we thought that it could be a useful gadget to […]

Samsung Introduces New Premium Monitors
[CES 2013] CES 2013 is just around the corner, and we are stoked at the tons of consumer electronics devices that are headed our way. Samsung has a couple of premium monitors for the masses, where they come in the form of the Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor that has been optimized for Windows 8, and the Series 7 SC750 which arrives in a slim, ergonomic design and delivers premium […]

AOC Borderless i2367fh 23-inch Monitor
AOC has just announced the availability of their i2367fh borderless 23-inch monitor, where at first glance above, it looks as though we are having a gander at a Photoshop job – which obviously isn’t of course. The AOC i2367fh will boast Advanced High-Performance In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology as well as 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which is said to deliver enhanced picture quality, higher definition, better color accuracy and greater light […]


LG's 29-inch EA93 ultra-widescreen monitor gets launched
LG has just launched the 29-inch EA93 UltraWide monitor that boasts a 21:9 aspect ratio. According to LG, the EA93 is the world’s first 21:9 ultra-widescreen monitor that offers a generous screen space, a 4-screen split feature, and 100 percent sRGB color space expressions. The EA93’s monitor, in particular, uses an IPS display to create life-like colors that will be perfect for entertainment and multimedia purposes. Another obvious feature that we love […]

LG ET83 Touch 10 monitor optimized for Windows 8 action
Here we are with a monitor to go along with your spanking new Windows 8 powered desktop – the LG ET83 Touch 10 monitor, sporting a 10-point IPS display that will definitely expand the horizon of touchscreen technology. The entire LG ET83 Touch 10 monitor measures 23” across diagonally, and you can use all ten of your fingers on it simultaneously, making it the ideal choice for folks who want […]

AOC announces 27" i2757fh "borderless" monitor
The great thing about monitors or televisions which are “borderless” is that they give the illusion that the screen is bigger than it actually is. If you’re in the market for such a device, it seems that the folks at AOC have announced their own “borderless” monitor, the 27” i2757fh (pictured above). As you can see in the photo, the monitor has a border although with a bezel of 2mm […]

Dell U2713HM high performance IPS panel announced
Dell, once the world’s biggest computer manufacturer, has not just sat back and done nothing in the years past. They have come up with their fair share of servers, desktops, notebooks, Ultrabooks, and even flirted with the smartphone industry for a while. Well, here is a peripheral from Dell that you might want to consider if accurate colors and great looking visuals are your cup of tea. The Dell U2713HM […]

LG has new IPS monitors for the masses
LG intends to maintain their edge over the rest of the competition by introducing new IPS monitors that are known as the IPS7 series, where these will come in 23″ and 27″ sizes. Apart from the display size, everything else underneath the hood remains the same, so it is just a matter of budget and need when balanced together. What does LG offer with the new IPS7 series? For starters, […]

AOC 22-inch USB-powered HD display is now available for purchase
USB-powered secondary monitors are not new to the market, but neither have they taken off in a big way, either. However, have you ever entertained the thought of a USB-powered monitor as your main digital work area? AOC has ventured into this niche with their 22″ USB-powered HD display, otherwise known as model e2251Fwu. This is an extremely slim display from AOC, but despite packing in such a design, it […]

LG IPS4 monitors offer a more dynamic viewing experience
It is safe to say that with each iteration of the computer monitor or flat screen TV, the manufacturers will tout the images that come out of it being clearer than ever before amongst other superlatives. The same applies to LG and their new LG IPS4 monitor, which is said to deliver “stunning picture quality, lifelike color expression, original color consistency, enhanced viewing comfort”. Hopefully it will be able to […]

1366 × 768 is the new 1024 × 768
It looks like the once reigning champion of screen resolutions on the Web, 1024 × 768, has been ousted, and there is a new bad boy in town known as 1366 x 768 to take over the mantle. This is the discovery from StatCounter, touting that 1366 × 768 screens has just overtaken 1024 × 768 as the most popular screen resolution that are used by the visitors who head […]

Bus Arrival Monitor
For those of you who take the public transport (for various reasons), then here is something from John Graham-Cumming that might just carve a smile on your face. We are talking about an ambient bus arrival monitor which was constructed from a hacked Linksys wireless router, where it is capable of retrieving data from London’s Countdown service, informing one just how much longer one needs to wait until the next […]

FedEx addresses computer monitor video
If you’ve been checking out internet videos over the past few days, I’m pretty sure you would have stumbled upon the video clip of a FedEx worker who was caught red-handed nonchalantly tossing a computer monitor over a fence. The man didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell or attempted to place the monitor down carefully – he just tossed it over the fence like it was the normal thing to […]

LG unveils DX2500 glasses free 3D display
For those shopping around for a 3D monitor, LG has recently unveiled their DX2500 series glasses free 3D monitor in South Korea. Customers will be able to choose from either a 20” monitor or a 24” monitor although apart from its size, they both appear to have the same technology built into them which is the parallax barrier 3D technology which is supposedly good enough for the company to earn […]

AOC launches 23" Aire Pro IPS monitor
Looking for a new monitor? If you are, AOC has just launched their ultra-slim Aire Pro monitor which is a monitor you may want to take a look at. AOC is boasting that the Aire Pro will feature one of the world’s slimmest display panels, and will feature a sleek brushed aluminum finish which gives it a somewhat elegant look.

BenQ unveils BL2201PTE 22" monitor
If you’re in the market for a new monitor for the home or office, BenQ has unveiled their BL2201PTE monitor that comes with several interesting features that you may find to be rather interesting. The monitor will be 22” in size and sport a max resolution of 1650×1080 (aspect ratio of 16:10). It will also feature a 5ms response time, a dynamic contrast ratio of 12,000,000:1, a typical brightness of […]

LG IPS5 series monitor blows your eyes away
I meant the title’s meaning to come across in a good way, of course, where the IPS5 series of monitors from LG is said to feature upgrades that boast expert color calibration so that whatever you see remains sharp and true. The IPS5 series will sport outstanding color reproduction technology that targets enterprise customers and photographers, so the home crowd might want to give this a miss instead.

ORCHID OR-70-3D autostereoscopic 3D monitor a world's first
There is a huge advantage in being the world’s first for anything, and among them include all the accolades and admiration – if you pull it off correctly, that is. Well, Marshall Electronics will certainly bask in the glory of knowing they have just released the first autostereoscopic 3D monitor in the world, known as the ORCHID OR 70-3D. Yes sir, this glasses-free 7″ portable/camera-top monitor was unveiled at IBC […]

iZON lets you monitor your home with your iPhone
Are you paranoid about what goes on in your house when there’s nobody at home? Wish there was some way you could monitor what’s going on at home using your iOS device when you’re out of the house? At the moment there are solutions that use your laptop’s or computer’s webcam to stream video footage online but leaving your computer in plain sight is sometimes begging for it to be […]