Computer Mouse Inventor Doug Engelbart Dies At 88

Doug Engelbart, computer mouse inventor, dies at 88.

Kanye West Receives Mice Autographed By Steve Jobs, Wozniak As Gift

Kanye West received Apple mice signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as late Father’s Day gifts.

Mouse Cloned From Blood Drop

Fancy cloning a mouse just from a drop of blood? Can the same be done on humans?

Microsoft Artist Series Mice Get A Refresh

We have seen our fair share of computer mice from Microsoft in the past, but they are not really the first name to pop into most people’s minds whenever one is looking for a mousing peripheral, simply because their weight of being a software giant has been their mainstay most of the time. Well, Microsoft has just announced that they have decided to refresh the Artist Series mice range, which […]


Human Brain Cells Injected Into Mice Results In Boosted Intelligence

We know in the animal kingdom, the human brain is probably considered the cream of the crop as we can do pretty much anything and everything, that is, unless it has to do with going underwater or into space. Then we’ll need some special gear in order to keep our precious brains from exploding in our skulls. But a new experiment may have just shown what the human brain can […]

IRIScan Mouse, Scanning With A Swipe

Scanning is made easy with an all-in-one mouse scanner with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology by IRIS. Just click the scan button and swipe the IRIScan Mouse in any direction on paper documents. Texts and images will appear instantaneously on the computer display. The USB 2.0 device together with the software, will stitch the images in real time and evaluated. The OCR engine recognizes text and converts it into editable […]

The Mycestro Is A Mouse You Can Wear On Your Finger

We reported on a levitating mouse yesterday as well as the possibility of using Kinect to operate your computer, ultimately replacing the need for the mouse. If those weren’t enough to satisfy your cravings, then perhaps this wearable mouse might be of interest to you. Dubbed the Mycestro, this is a mouse that you can wear on your finger and since it operates in 3D space, it allows for the […]

Kinect Will Soon Replace Your Mouse With Your Hands

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is expected to have its Kinect heavily integrated into the system, but the company is looking past the home console market to have computers rely on it as well. Microsoft’s TechFest is going on this week and the company is showing an updated version of its SDK which will introduce some new hand-gesture functionality to their programs. The new SDK will allow developers to have the user pinch-to-zoom […]

This Levitating Mouse Will Reportedly Help With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There is debate amongst users as to the pros and cons of a gaming mouse. Some claim there is no need for mice with such high DPI, while hardcore gamers might argue otherwise. That being said, perhaps a new debate might arise in the future as to whether we need a mouse that can levitate? As you can see in the picture above, that is a mouse that appears to […]

Genius Pen Mouse Redesigned

Genius has redesigned its famous Pen Mouse. The company is announcing today a carbon grey Pen Mouse that features a redesigned shape that improves grip and a pen clip for portability and ease. Available in carbon grey or silver color options, the new Pen Mouse is now available in the U.S. at a suggested retail price of $49.99. Genius’s Pen Mouse uses a 2.4 GHz wireless technology to connect to […]

Genius Unveils Its Gila Gaming Mouse

Genius has taken the wraps off its latest mouse for gaming. Enter the Genius Gil professional gaming mouse, which is launching under the company’s GX Gaming Series. A 2013 CES Innovations Award Honoree, the Gila gaming mouse features 12 nifty buttons and a “Sniper Mode” for situations that require pixel perfect precision. By enabling the aforementioned mode, users can slow down mouse movements to a dpi of their choice by […]

Brookstone Scanner Mouse

A mouse is a mouse, but the Brookstone Scanner Mouse clearly throws you such typical, conventional thinking out of the window. This computer mouse will not only help you navigate your cursor to where you want it to, but it also comes with an integrated scanner which will not only save space but time as well, delivering an unprecedented flexible manner of scanning files. All you need to do is […]

Gesture Glove Mouse

Japan does come out with some weird and quirky inventions from time to time, and perhaps you might want to quantify the Gesture Glove Mouse as one of them, being made available via Thanko. Wearing this is not going to keep your fingers and hand warmer during the coming bitter winter, but at least it lets you feel as though you are a Jedi Knight – for a while, anyways, […]

Logitech Touch Mouse T620 and Zone Touch Mouse T400 announced

What you see above is the Logitech Touch Mouse T620, where it was specially designed to deliver a full touch-surface for fluid navigation with the Windows 8 operating system that is bound to be released later this month. It is rather similar in its workings to the touchpad, providing you with the adequate freedom to gesture wherever your fingers rest on the mouse, never mind if they are on the […]