Articles about MWC 2016 (page 2)

Oppo’s Super VOOC Charges Batteries To Full In 15 Minutes
Batteries in smartphones these days are getting bigger, meaning that they will last you more than a day. However they will still eventually drain and depending on how much you use your phone, you might find yourself out of battery in the middle of the day, and charging your phone might take longer than you might have the time for.

Ford Unveils Their New Kuga, Gives It A Tougher Facelift
If tough-looking vehicles are your cup of tea, you might be interested to learn that Ford has recently taken the wraps off their latest Kuga car at MWC 2016. While its predecessors might feature softer and more sleek lines, the latest iteration of the Kuga has undergone a pretty huge facelift, which as you can tell from the photos, gives it a more rugged and tougher look.

Ford Brings FordPass To European Markets
Choosing car back in the day used to be about pricing, design, and also performance. Those criterias are still extremely important, but these days customers have more things to consider, such as added tech features like self-driving capabilities, whether it has internet capabilities, or infotainment systems like CarPlay or Android Auto, and etc.

Oral-B Unveils New Smart Toothbrush
There are some who believe that electric toothbrushes are more efficient and effective compared to regular toothbrushes, but to each their own. Now if you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that is also smart, you might be interested to learn that Oral-B has announced a new smart toothbrush in the form of the Genius.


Panasonic Unveils $1,500 Smartphone
Panasonic might not necessarily be the name that comes to mind when it comes to smartphones, but the company has recently outed a device at MWC 2016 in the form of the Panasonic FZ-N1, a smartphone that will set customers back a whopping $1,500, but definitely not for the reasons you might think.

T-Mobile Unboxes The Galaxy S7 Underwater
With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung has brought back a rather useful feature which is water resistance. While we doubt many of you guys actually go swimming with your phone, the peace of mind knowing that should it take an unfortunate swim in your pool or toilet bowl, it will still remain functional.

Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA Priced & Open For Pre-Orders In Europe
Earlier Sony had announced a trio of new phones that is part of the newly launched Xperia X family. Now Sony had stated that they will only be available around summer, but it seems that if you are so inclined, Amazon Germany has put up two of the phones for pre-order – the Xperia X and the Xperia XA.

Verizon 5G Network Enters Testing
Many of us might be content with 4G LTE for now but 5G is the next frontier that companies in this business want to conquer. Samsung and Verizon have announced at Mobile World Congress 2016 that they have started testing multi-gigabit 5G cellular access in “real-world” conditions around Verizon’s headquarters. The tests are also being carried out in moving vehicles and indoors.

Volvo Is Natively Integrating Spotify In Its Cars
Volvo confirmed today that it has become the first car manufacturer to natively integrate Spotify, one of the world’s most widely used music streaming service, in its new cars. Spotify will be natively integrated into the company’s new cars starting with the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90 this sprint. Volvo announced this partnership with Spotify earlier today at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

HTC One X9 To Roll Out To North Asian & EMEA Markets
Last year HTC announced the HTC One X9, but unfortunately at the time of announcement, the handset was an exclusive to the Chinese market. A bit of a pity considering that the specs of the phone were pretty decent, a good high-end handset that we’re sure many would have loved to own, especially if you’re fan of HTC.

Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses with Augmented Reality
Smart glasses are hot again, but not for the consumer market, and we are all waiting for Google Glass to show up again for the enterprise segment, where HUD and AR glasses will bring the best value to the user experience. Intel is coming full force in that market with the amazing, powerful, and probably very expensive, Daqri helmet that launched at CES 2016 during the Intel keynote.Today, Epson, one […]

Sony Has Plans To Sell The Xperia X Series Stateside
Sony’s mobile presence in the US is not as strong as it once was. In recent times, we’ve seen the company launch their phones in markets like Japan first, and even plans to bring some of their plans stateside fell through like with the Xperia Z4v. Later phones like the Xperia Z5 found their way to the US, but certain features were omitted.

Haier Unveils A Stylish But Affordable Smartwatch
Haier is a brand that if you have heard of them, you might associate them with white goods like fridges, air-conditioners, and etc. However the company has dabbled in mobile products in the past, and they have also launched various wearables like smartwatches. It looks like they’re back again this year at MWC with their latest offering.

Galaxy S7’s Always On Feature Won’t Come To Older Galaxy Handsets
Yesterday Samsung announced their two latest flagship smartphones in the form of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. One of the features of the phone is its always-on display. This allows the phone to display basic information like the time, date, along with some extra notifications for messages, phone calls, and etc.