While playing with this super small N64 controller is going to cramp your hands in the long run, and for the more sensitive among us, just after a short while of gaming, it should not be equated to something like the foot binding practice in ancient China which was extremely painful for the women. After all, the women of the day did not have a choice or say as to whether they wanted their feet to be bound or not, but you can always walk away from this tiny N64 controller instead and use a full sized controller for your gaming pleasure. 

Having said that, this is not to take the wind out of Kirren’s sails in any way, considering his hard work at miniaturizing an N64 controller and having it work perfectly find is something commendable. This is not a mod in the sense of the word, since it was constructed from ground up using a PIC 16F628 microcontroller at its core. Most of the buttons from the standard controller has been ported over, allowing you to play majority of the games without missing some of the buttons. The analog stick is located on the left, and the silver ring on the right is a 4-direction tactile switch that “substitutes” the functions of the C buttons, in addition to Start, A, B, R, and Z buttons thrown into the mix as well.

I guess something this tiny is cute albeit not suitable for playability in the long run, just like the Mini Star Wars Arcade Cabinet that we looked at recently.

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