The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console, while the N64 is Nintendo’s console from back in the late 90s, but interestingly enough it seems that with a little tweaking, the folks over at Hyperkin have somehow managed to hack the N64’s controller and get it up and running on the Xbox One.

Both consoles are from different generations so admittedly it is a nice touch to see their hardware working together. Now it should be noted that in their efforts, it seems that the end result is not perfect. The inputs on the controller appear to go a bit wonky at times, but for the most part it works just fine, although we suppose that you might miss out on the Xbox One’s controllers new features.

So why even bother? Why wouldn’t you want a controller with the latest features, such as wireless connectivity? Well as it turns out, it was made in preparation for the Rare Play collection which is due for a release on the Xbox One come 4th of August 2015. For those unfamiliar, this collection collects 30 classic games from back in the day all in one bundle.

Some of these games were designed for the N64 so what better way to experience them than with a N64 controller, right? No word on whether they plan on making their mod available for purchase or if they will put the instructions up online, but it might be worth checking out in the video above.

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