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SpaceX Astronaut Parachute Test Is A Success
SpaceX is conducting a lot of tests recently, for example, about a week ago it tried the floating barge landing test for its reusable Falcon 9 rocket but didn’t manage to achieve the results it wanted to yet again. However the hover test for the Dragon capsule that’s going to ferry astronauts up to space was a success, and it turns out that the parachute test passed with flying colors […]

NASA Discovers 100 New Alien Planets
A few years ago NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft was crippled by a mechanical malfunction which really threw a wrench in the works but that wasn’t enough to stop the space agency. It’s revamped Kepler mission is proving to be just as successful as the original mission if not more, it has already discovered 100 new alien planets orbiting other stars.

Postal Service Honors Star Trek And New Horizons With Special Stamps
It’s quite usual for the United States Postal Service to issue special stamps from time to time that celebrate a particular event in history or a distinguished personality. The service has provided a preview of its 2016 stamp program in which special stamps will be issued to honor the likes of Star Trek, NASA’s New Horizons mission, Shirley Temple aside from the holidays, soda fountain fans and much more.Trekkies will […]

NASA Gets $55 Million To Build A Habitat On Mars By 2018
NASA and several private space companies are working hard to take man to Mars, with the idea being to establish a habitat on the Red Planet and eventually colonize it in the future. Much of this has already been done in some excellent Hollywood productions but it’s still far from reality. United States Congress does want to nudge NASA along to achieve this goal which is why it has given […]


NASA Releases Trippy New Video Of Pluto
Seeing countless new high resolution photos of Pluto was definitely one of the highlights of this year, the flyby back in July beamed home some amazing photos of the distant planet in our system, but today NASA has something much better. It has released a new rather colorful and trippy video of Pluto, as a lover of all things space, I’ll take it as a Christmas present.

SpaceX Jason-3 Satellite Launch May Happen Next Month
SpaceX has had a pretty good week, the company has finally been able to achieve the aim that it has long been working towards, and things are looking even better for next month when it’s likely to achieve yet another aim. The company was supposed to launch the Jason-3 this summer but it couldn’t due to some complications, it looks like SpaceX will finally be able to launch the Jason-3 next […]

Falcon 9 Full Thrust Makes First Flight
It looks like history is being written into the record books today, as the Falcon 9 Full Thrust has experienced its very first full flight, and the ride itself is known internally as the “Upgraded Falcon 9″. This is one rocket that will see the introduction of various upgrades which in turn, will increase the vehicle’s capacity as well as the overall number of missions on which first stage recovery […]

NASA Training Space Robots With PlayStation VR
Virtual reality technology is gradually entering the mainstream with products like Samsung’s Gear VR. Great new hardware is expected in the coming year with companies like Oculus and Sony launching consumer versions of their virtual reality headsets. These gadgets have more uses than just watching movies and playing games, as NASA demonstrates by using PlayStation VR to train space robots.

A Massive Asteriod Will Fly Close To Earth This Christmas
Hollywood has made many movies which try to show what’s going to happen should a massive asteroid impact Earth, fortunately some of the scenarios Hollywood has shown us haven’t happened yet, but that doesn’t mean asteroids don’t fly close to our planet time and again. It has actually been revealed that a massive asteroid, the 1.5-mile wide 2003 SD220 to be precise, is going to fly close to the Earth this […]

NASA Accepting Applications For Astronaut Program
Ask a child what they want to be when they grown up and chances are they’ll tell you that they want to be a pilot or an astronaut. It’s one of those professions that people dream about, and you don’t necessarily have to be a kid to dream about going to space, if you find yourself dozing off at your desk and into dreams where you’re an astronaut, then you’ll […]

NASA Is Going To "Move Out" Of The International Space Station
A big question mark hangs over the fate of the International Space Station, a collective effort between space agencies of countries like United States, Russia, Canada, Japan and others. NASA has not yet confirmed if it’s going to fund the current one beyond 2024 let alone say that it’s going to participate in efforts to build a new one. The agency has given its biggest hint yet that makes it […]

Hubble Telescope Spots A Galaxy Far, Far Away
The Hubble and Spitzer have done a tremendous job so far of spotting distant objects in space that have captured our imagination for years, this time around the Hubble has outdone itself. Aided by gravitational lensing the telescope has spotted a galaxy far, far away. It’s the dimmest object spotted so far, a galaxy that’s believed to have existed 13.4 billion years ago, or roughly 400 million years after the […]

Martian Mouse Spotted?
Is there more than meets the eye on the Red Planet, which is otherwise known as Mars? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but as every scientist will be able to tell you, having water alone is not good enough for a life form to survive – let alone come into being, as there are many different other variables to take into account for just the right kind of atmosphere that can […]

How Thanksgiving Is Spent Aboard The International Space Station
Thanksgiving is that time of the year when people gather friends and family around a big table to enjoy a hearty meal and each other’s company. That’s really how most people spend Thanksgiving here on Earth, but what if you’re not on Earth? NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station have beamed down a video which gives us a glimpse at how the brave souls up there spend Thanksgiving.