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NASA Testing Orion Spacesuit In Reduced Gravity Environment
NASA has announced that it has started testing spacesuits being developed for the Orion in a reduced gravity environment. The agency has modified its iconic “pumpkin suit” to make sure that it can withstand the requirements of future missions aboard the Orion spacecraft, so it now needs to put it through all sorts of different tests to make sure that the suit will keep astronauts safe. These tests are most certainly […]

SpaceX Gets First Crewed Mission Order From NASA
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has already been conducting resupply missions for NASA to the International Space Station using its own rockets and capsules but it has now clinched something that it has longed for a very long time. NASA has ordered its first crewed mission from SpaceX, meaning that the company will fly humans up to the International Space Station in its Crew Dragon capsule, it’s going to be the first […]

Astronauts Face Ammonia Leak And Minor Glove Damage During Spacewalk
Kjell Lindgren, a NASA astronaut, was on a scheduled 6 1/2 hour spacewalk with International Space Station commander Scott Kelly when he encountered an ammonia leak and a while later his commander had to deal with minor glove damage. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong when you’re literally out in space but the trained professionals know how to handle such situations, and NASA has already confirmed that none of the […]

New Horizons Bids Pluto Farewell As It Speeds Towards The Kuiper Belt
The New Horizons probe gave us our best look yet at Pluto, a planet that’s quite far away from Earth as far as distance between other planets and our globe goes, but its mission is far from over. New Horizons has bid Pluto farewell and it now speeds towards the Kuiper Belt. It set course for the expansive fossil bed earlier this week after completing its fourth and final engine […]


Russia Will Be Sending Humans To The Moon
It has been a while since man stepped on the Moon and Roscosmos wants to fix that, it’s the Russian Federal Space Agency for those who don’t know it by its more common name, the agency has announced today that it will be sending humans to the Moon. The announcement was made at a space and technology conference in Moscow by head of Roscosmos Energia Vladimir Solntsev. This is just […]

OSIRIS-REx All Set For September 2016 Launch
The OSIRIS-REx might sound as though it is some sort of ship from the annals of the Matrix trilogy, or perhaps some other science fiction movie, but in reality, it is the abbreviation for the full name which is known as “Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer”. It is great to note that this particular science project has the full range of its scientific research instruments installed on […]

NASA Makes Available Tons Of Apollo Missions Photos
A picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to some place which is a whole lot more exotic than the rest, you can be sure that this holds true. After all, words might not do justice in conveying the message, which is why photography is such a useful medium to “speak” to the rest of the world. Having said that, NASA has now rolled out approximately 13,000 images […]

NASA Confirms Liquid Water Flows On Mars
Mars is considered as a planet where humans could possibly establish colonies some day and work continues to achieve that aim, it’s going to be a long and arduous process and success is not guaranteed but that doesn’t stop NASA and even private companies like SpaceX from entertaining the notion that some day humans might be able to live on Mars. Conditions on the planet are vital to survival of life […]

NASA Designed An App To Help Shorten Your Flight Times
Travelling by plane takes time since we aren’t at that point where we have instant teleporters. This means that if you’re planning on travelling far, load up your iPad, get a neck cushion, some comfortable clothes because you’ll be in for a long ride. However all of that could soon change thanks to the work of NASA.While NASA might be more concerned with things like space, it seems that they […]

NASA To Launch Ultra HD TV Channel
If you ever needed a valid excuse to pick up one of those new snazzy Ultra HD TVs (4K resolution, of course), but never really came across one that actually made sense to your other half who has a say in the purse strings of the household, perhaps now is the time to take that step. NASA has revealed on today that it intends to introduce an Ultra HD TV […]

NASA Goofs Up In Image Description
To err is human, to forgive divine. Well, since NASA is made up of mere mortals, it is not a surprise to know that they made a mistake over social media – through their Twitter account, in particular. NASA’s Twitter account has a respectable 12.1 million followers, and recently they put up a snapshot from NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who cited that the sun as well as the earth are […]

NASA Dreams Of Hitching A Ride On A Comet
NASA is looking into several methods of space exploration aside from the obvious one which requires rockets and expensive spacecrafts that require a lot of fuel to carry out their business up in space. The agency is working on a new spacecraft concept which will basically hitch a ride on a speeding comet to discover the solar system, some of these comets and asteroids are whizzing by at over 22,000 miles […]

NASA Taps Arx Pax For 'Tractor Beam'
The Hoverboard which we talked about last year proved that it might not be possible to travel to the future, but one can certainly develop ideas from the future in the here and now. It seems that Arx Pax, the company behind the Hoverboard, has been tapped by NASA through a Space Act Agreement, where this particular partnership will see the use of Arx Pax’s Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) technology […]

NASA Wants To Monitor Hurricanes With Satellite Constellation
It is no fun at all living in an area where it is susceptible to hurricanes, for sure. You don’t even need a hurricane survivor to tell you this, as common sense would be enough to dictate such a thought. However, we all make choices in our lives, and if you chose to live in a hurricane prone area, then chances are you would also know how to batten down […]