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Astronaut Captures Stunning Footage Of The Aurora Borealis
Day 141. The chapter of a day ends as it began. #Aurora on a sunrise. Good night from @space_station! #YearInSpace — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) August 15, 2015The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that not many of us get the chance to see, especially since it usually happens in places that are quite far away and remote. However one of the perks of being in space is that you […]

NASA Conducts Another Test On Rocket Engine That Will Take Us To Mars
NASA is working hard to take man to deep space and the efforts continue with a recent 535-second test of its Space Launch System (SLS) RS-25 rocket engine that’ll eventually take us to Mars. The test was conducted to collect engine performance data at NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Space Launch System will launch astronauts in the Orion spacecraft headed to missions in deep space which will eventually […]

NASA Wants The Public To Design A Smartwatch App For Astronauts
Back on Earth, our smartwatches collect biometrics about ourselves, like our heart rate, how far we’ve run, how many steps we’ve taken, calories burned, and so on. It can even display notifications from our smartphone and alert us about upcoming meetings, phone calls, messages, and more.However in space, would an Earth smartwatch be just as useful? Maybe not, which is why NASA has recently launched a contest on Freelancer. The […]

Satellite From A Million Miles Away Shows The Moon Crossing The Earth
More often than not when we stare into the night sky to look at the moon, all we see is a relatively bright ball of light. Sometimes we can make out the shadows left in its craters, but unless we had access to a super telescope, chances are that’s all we’d ever see of the moon, but now thanks to NASA, that has changed.NASA has recently released a video (see […]


Dissolving An Antacid On The Space Station Is Way Cooler
You probably might not think twice about the antacid you drop into a glass of water here on Earth, sure it makes fizzy sounds and what not but the process is not one you’d categorize under “cool.” It’s a completely different story though if you’re on the International Space Station, as a video from up there shows dissolving an antacid on the space station is much cooler than it is back […]

NASA Scientist: 1 Billion ‘Earths’ And Counting
While NASA might have made news after discovering earth’s ‘close cousin’, it seems that there is more than meets the eye. Apparently, there are a billion other planets in this side of the galaxy alone just like earth, orbiting around what can be considered to be a “habitable zone” as there is the possibility of water being liquid at the surface. In other words, theoretically speaking, there could be life […]

NASA Has Discovered Earth's 'Close Cousin'
NASA has announced today that its planet-hunting Kepler telescope has discovered Kepler 452b which is an exoplanet that exists in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star. This marks another milestone in NASA’s journey to find another Earth, the Kepler telescope has already discovered 11 other small habitable zone candidate planets previously. Kepler 452b is the smallest planet to date that has been discovered orbiting in the habitable zone, the exoplanet […]

NASA Wants To Send Wind-Powered Robots To Explore Jupiter
Due to the fact that the different planets in our solar system consists of different environments, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating robots to explore the different planets, which is why NASA is currently contemplating the idea of how would one go about exploring a planet like Jupiter which is mainly consists of gas.One possible idea that NASA came up with involves the creation of […]

NASA Develops Prototype For Mars Drone
The race for Mars is well and truly on with space agencies of multiple countries working towards this goal, you’ve even got private companies like SpaceX in the United States that have this aim of reaching the Red Planet. NASA is in the game as well and it has shown off a new prototype of the Prandtl-m or the Preliminary Research Aerodynamic Design to Land on Mars, which as the name […]

Audi Has A Role At Google Lunar XPRIZE
It looks like Audi does not only roll out high quality rides here on terra firma, they also do the same when it comes to the moon. Yes sir, it looks like the German automobile manufacturer will be offering technical support for the part-time scientists team that are working on the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, incorporating Audi know-how into what is deemed to be the “Audi lunar quattro” moon rover.

NASA To Send Microsoft’s HoloLens To Space This Weekend
HoloLens is no more limited to usage on the earth, the virtual reality device is being sent to the space too. A SpaceX Dragon, which is scheduled to take off tomorrow with cargo and supplies for the International Space Station will be taking along two of Microsoft’s HoleLenses. These augmented reality devices are going to be a part of NASA’s space project rumored as — Sidekick.

NASA To Fire Nuclear Weapons At Incoming Asteroids
The possibility of humans being extinct because of an asteroid colliding with the earth is a possibility, although I would like to think that before something like that happens, it would be us humans who would wipe each other out beforehand instead. Anyways, theoretically speaking, if an asteroid were to be on a collision course with our beloved planet, what are our options? NASA might be part of the solution, […]

Jaguar Uses NASA’s Technology To Monitor Brainwaves Of Drivers
Let’s be honest, how focused are you when you are driving? We’re sure many are guilty of not paying 100% to the road, either fiddling around with our phones, talking to other people in the car, singing along to the radio, eating, and so on. However Jaguar is hoping to introduce a new system to vehicles that can monitor your concentration levels.Dubbed Sixth Sense, this brainwave scanning technology will be […]

NASA Unleashes Its First Ever 4K Resolution ISS Video
NASA has been trying to give better visual experience of the space to the citizens with curiosity for space exploration. The agency has been releasing amazing videos and photos of the space in order to engage more audience into how the space looks like.