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Butterfly Wings Could Be The Key To Developing Glare-Free Displays
More often than not, there has been a lot of technological advances and creations that have been inspired by nature, and it looks like if you’re looking forward to having truly glare-free displays in the future, it seems as though butterfly wings could be the key to unlocking that possibility.This is according to German researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) who discovered that due to the design of […]

Get zen with the iPad controlled Biome Smart Terrarium
In a recent exhibition in London called “Slow Tech”, designer Samuel Wilkinson showed off his Biome Smart Terrarium, which isn’t all that technical until it was revealed that it was actually controlled by an iPad (could be replaced with a smartphone). This is just the start of a future where our homes and lives can be fully controlled (and even automated) by our smartphones and tablets.

13 year old uses Fibonacci sequence to improve solar efficiency
Solar panels are great as they help to generate power in place of using electricity, but unfortunately solar panels require proper positioning and good weather conditions to reach maximum efficiency, and for some reason it took a 13 year old boy to figure out something so painstakingly obvious that manages to increase the efficiency of solar panels.

Golden Gate Electric Camper Pod
So remember yesterday we had reported that NAU had come up with a Ecco Camper concept, which essentially was a redesign and concept of the RV, which allowed campers to take to the road in a eco-friendly manner. Well it looks like designer Jay Nelson felt the same way about eco-friendly camping when he designed the Golden Gate electric camper pod. Made out of a fibreglass casing, the pod resembles […]


Plant-mimicking machine generates fuels using solar energy
A team of researchers in the US and Switzerland have come up with a machine that functions like plants, harnessing solar energy to produce fuels that can be used at a later time. The device uses the sun’s rays and a metal oxide called ceria to break down carbon dioxide or water into fuels that can be stored or transported.While that is a step in the green direction, there are […]

Bird Friendly Glass Helps To Prevent Birds Flying Into Them
It’s estimated that more than 100 million birds are killed every year due to collisions with glass surfaces, and now German company Glaswerke Arnold has come up with a possible solution by coming up with glass that appears normal to humans but is very visible to birds. They used the principle that birds have the ability to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, and thus the company developed the glass […]

Deepdive Concept Gadget For Free Divers
This seems like a rather useful concept device, especially if you want to give free diving a try, but are worried that something bad will happen. The Deepdive is a 2-piece set, containing 2 wristwatches, one for the free diver, and one for the control diver. What is useful about this setup is that the one on the free diver will be relaying information to the other watch, so if the free […]

Kitchen Garden Concept Grows Your Plants For You
Want to plant your own vegetables or herbs, but don’t know how to? If this concept fridge becomes a reality, you just might have an easy way to do so. The designer worked with Green Fortune & Whirlpool to come up with a refrigerator that allows you to pop lettuce plants and herbs purchased from the supermarket into the Kitchen Garden system, prolonging its life and allowing it to grow. […]

Leisure Eyes Cover With Speaker
Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you need to make sure there isn’t any sudden light, or disturbing noise to wake you from your slumber? Well, the Leisure Eyes Cover with Speaker might just do the trick for you. Powered by 2 AA batteries, it acts as an eye cover, and thanks to the built-in speakers, also plays nature sounds like a river flowing, frogs croaking (though frogs […]

CO2 Sensing Dress Lights Up
Fashion and tech seem to be getting more and more interested in the environment, and that’s certainly a good thing. It seems that this CO2 sensing dress was created with the environment in mind, since it monitors the CO2 levels in your environment and visualizes the data in real time with flickering light patterns. Of course, sometimes you have to wonder how useful that kind of information would be on […]