An engineer with time on his hands decided to repurpose his Nintendo Entertainment System into a breathalyzer called DrunkenNES. Using a combination of hardware and software, he managed to turn an NES cartridge into a working breathalyzer unit, and he coded a program on the NES to calculate the readings from the controller. After analyzing the breath of a “player”, they get a score and a rating such as “Buzzy Bee” or “Party Kitten” to show how drunk they are. An “Alco-hall of fame” also ranks the drunken people like a hi-score chart. Definitely one of the more interesting NES mods out there, and not to mention it would be one helpful gadget at parties with alcohol, so folks know if they’re sober enough to drive home. Hit the break for a couple of videos to see how the DrunkenNES works:

Drunken NES – Nintendo Breathalyzer from EM Dash on Vimeo.

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