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Gamer Modifies Contra NES Game To Propose To His Girlfriend
We often see many unique ways that people use to propose to their future spouses on the internet. Such efforts often gain quite a lot of attention on the internet, and the one we’re featuring here today certainly deserves attention. A gamer who goes by EquinnoxX modified the Contra NES game as a proposal, the girlfriend needed to beat the game in order for the proposal to actually show up. Contra is […]

This Car Engine Was Painted To Look Like An NES Controller
The owner of this Honda Civic decided to paint his engine to resemble an NES controller.

NES Controller Turned Into A Night Light
Got an old NES controller lying around? Here's one way to give it a new lease on life.

Steampunk Nintendo NES Controller Table Is Made From Reclaimed Parts
Are you a fan of retro video games and video game consoles? If you are, the image above you would have to agree is a sight to behold! Designed in the shape and style of the classic Nintendo NES controller, this is actually a coffee table that has been made out of recycled parts to resemble the NES controller and was designed by Charles Lushear and Bohemian Workbench. Measuring 40” […]


Famicom Creator Didn't Believe The Console Would Be A Success
We think it’s safe to say the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES as it’s better known these days, was a huge success and quite possibly a step in the direction to possibly make home video game consoles what it is today. But before the NES was created, Nintendo built the Family Computer, or Famicom and released it in 1983. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Famicom, and its […]

NES Cartridge Rings Are A Great Gift For Your Gamer Partner
Are you looking for the perfect gift for your gamer girlfriend? Or maybe you just want it for yourself, but either way if you’re into games, especially NES games from back in the day, perhaps these NES cartridge rings might be worth checking out. While they are actual cartridges, they are handmade with pretty impressive detail with a variety of different “titles” available to choose from, such as Zelda as […]

Duck Hunt Pinball Machine Is As Awesome As It Sounds
One of the most iconic games from Nintendo’s history has got to be Duck Hunt as not only was it often bundled with the console, but it also showed off the ability of the console’s light gun peripheral, although it was one of the only games to use the accessory. That’s why when we saw somebody payed homage to the classic NES game in the form of a pinball machine, […]

NES Shaped Guitar
If you have a heart for all things retro, including video games, then you would surely be able to identify with this guitar that was shaped to resemble an 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) console, coupled with two controllers, now how about that? Of course, several alterations were due to be made, as the body itself is nearly built to scale with the old school game console itself. The designer (and […]

RetroN 4 Console Will Play NES, SNES, Genesis & Gameboy Through HDMI
As much fun as I’ve been having playing Tomb Raider this week, I still like to dabble in some old-school gaming from time to time. The only issue is I tend to gravitate towards emulators since I no longer own my classic video game systems, but Hyperkin’s RetroN 4 console seems to be something I, and I’m sure many of you, would want in your old-school gaming lives.The RetroN 4 will […]

NES Revamped By Ben Heck
We did take a look at a revamped SNES as well as read about a custom painted Nintendo 64 controller, but here we are with modder extraordinary, Ben Heck, in his element again with a revamped NES. Yes sir, an old school 8-bit NES has just been given some love by Ben Heck, where it will now come complete with automatic, slot loading capabilities. This is definitely not a modification […]

Giant NES Controller Made From LEGO Is Both Awesome And Fully Functional
What happens when you combine the love of building objects from LEGO and the love of gaming? A giant five foot NES controller, of course! This LEGO project was built by Baron von Brunk and it seems that not only is this giant replica a spitting image of the NES controller, except that it’s built from LEGO, but it is also a fully working replica at the same time! We […]

Solitary Final Fantasy 2 NES copy goes for $50k on eBay
How does it feel to be one of a kind? I guess you can pose that question to the owner of the Final Fantasy 2 NES cartridge, which is deemed to be the only one of its kind in the US, considering how Square never did release it Stateside all those years ago when 8-bit gaming was all the rage. Just how much is the owner asking for this extremely […]

Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge going for $150,000 on eBay
If you so happen to have $150,000 in spare cash lying around somewhere, or money that you have access to, and are looking for something to invest all that moolah in, perhaps it is time to look beyond the regular vehicles of investment such as property and financial instruments, or even less traditional modes such as wine, comic books or vintage cars. How about video game memorabilia? Enter the pre-release […]

NES controllers given a new lease on life as wallets
If you’re a fan of retro gaming consoles, you might recall our post yesterday about a NES gaming console was given a new lease on life by being transformed into a lunch box. While the actual console might have gotten a new use, what about its controllers? Well fret not as Melissa Sidwell has taken broken NES gaming controllers and turned them into functional wallets! Granted they probably don’t have […]