Nest Cam IQ Indoor Updated With Google Assistant Support

As you know Google owns Nest, and recently the company announced that they would be merging Nest with their hardware team. However it looks like it didn’t take too long for Nest to start reaping some of the benefits of being part of Google’s hardware team because the Nest Cam IQ indoor has recently gotten an update which some of you might appreciate.

Nest To Merge With Google’s Hardware Team

Several years ago, Google acquired Nest, a company that specialized in smart and connected home devices like thermostats, smoke detectors, and so on. For the most part Nest and Google existed separate of each other, where they each did their own thing. However late last year, there were reports that Google could be looking to merge Nest with its hardware team.

Google Might Merge Nest With Its Hardware Team

Smart home device company Nest was acquired by Google several years ago. The company remained under its control until the Alphabet parent company was formed which now controls various different properties like Google itself and also Nest. According to a new report, Google is now thinking about merging Nest with its hardware design team. Nest currently exists as a separate entity.

T-Mobile’s Nest Security Bundle Offers Cellular Backup

T-Mobile today announced its entry into the connected home security market with the T-Mobile Nest security pack. It’s going to launch this bundle on November 10th. The T-Mobile Nest security bundle provides users with cellular backup. Magenta is actually the exclusive cellular backup provider for Nest Secure.


Nest Sends Out Invites For Event On September 20

Recently Nest took the wraps off the Thermostat E, which is the company’s latest and more affordable smart thermostat. However if you thought that the company was done with announcing new products, think again because it seems that the company has another event planned for next month.

Nest Unveils Cheaper, Redesigned Thermostat E

#IFA2017 Recently there have been rumors that Nest could be getting ready to unveil a new smart thermostat that could be cheaper than what the company is offering at the moment, and it looks like the rumors were true because Nest has since announced a new, redesigned, and more affordable thermostat in the form of the Thermostat E.

Cheaper Nest Thermostat Possibly Getting A New Design

It has been rumored repeatedly this year that Nest, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is going to release a cheaper version of its popular thermostat. Nest is also reportedly going to launch more smart products this year, including a smart doorbell and a home security system. While more information about the new products is yet to surface, a new leak reveals the possibility that the new Nest Thermostat could […]

Nest Cam IQ With 4K Sensor Now Official

It was reported last week that Nest was gearing up to launch a new indoor camera which would have a 4K sensor. The company has now officially unveiled this product. It’s called the Nest Cam IQ. It has a 4K sensor and a couple of new features that set it apart from Nest’s existing indoor security camera. The new features do come at a price, though, which is why it’s […]

Nest 4K Smart Camera Rumored

Nest has been in the business of selling Wi-Fi enabled smart home security cameras for a while now and it appears that the company is looking to set itself apart from the competition. Word on the street is that Nest has a new product in the pipeline, the product is said to be a 4K camera with advanced smart features. Nest is reportedly going to announce this product soon.

Cheaper Nest Thermostat And New Security System Being Developed

It has been a while since Nest came out with some new products and if a new report is to be believed, that streak is likely going to end this year. The report claims that Nest, which is now owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is working on a couple of new connected devices that include a cheaper thermostat, a new home security system, an improved version of the Nest […]

Nest Two-Factor Authentication Finally Arrives

Nest is finally providing its users with an extra layer of security for their accounts. Since the company makes smart connected devices that control various aspects of your home it’s certainly very important for your Nest accounts to remain safe at all times. So finally, Nest has decided to add two-factor authentication to accounts. This layer of security has already been widely available for email and social network accounts.

Nest Availability Expands To Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain

Despite having been around for awhile now, Nest’s products have been limited to just a handful of countries – 7 to be exact. However the good news is that according to an announcement made by the company, it seems that they have decided that they will be expanding their product availability to four more countries – Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain.

Nest Protect Can Turn Off GE’s Ovens When Smoke Is Detected

The Nest Protect is a smart smoke detection system as not only does it function as how regular smoke detectors do, but it can go beyond by alerting the user on their mobile devices and more. However a smoke detector can only do so much and if you don’t tend to whatever it is that’s burning, what’s the use, right?

Google Assistant On The Pixel Can Control The Nest Thermostat

Google Assistant is Google’s new voice assistant platform that has found its way into the Pixel handsets as well as Google Home. However for some reason, Google Assistant was never able to control the Nest Thermostat via the Pixel phones, even though it worked just fine if you were do it via Google Home. At least that’s until now.