Earth Day is coming up soon which means that we’re starting to see various companies tout their energy saving habits and processes, and it looks like Nest wants it to be known as well that they do have plans to help protect our environment. The company has launched what they call their “Power Project” which is an initiative to raise awareness about energy efficiency and consumption.


In fact they’ll be taking it even further by installing 1 million smart thermostats in the homes of low-income families over the course of the next five years. The idea is that with smart thermostats, households will be more efficient at using energy when it comes to heating and cooling, which means that on paper it should not only help reduce the amount of energy we consume, but also lowers the price of our energy bills.

Nest cites on its website that 1 in 5 families spends 20% of their income on energy alone which is a huge chunk of money and also a huge portion of energy that could be better/more efficiently utilized. Nest has announced that they will be working with energy companies, housing agencies, and nonprofit organizations to bring more energy efficiency to people.

Google (who owns Nest) also announced that they will be partnering with Habitat for Humanity where they will be donating a Nest Thermostat E unit to every home built by the organization this year.

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