#IFA2017 Recently there have been rumors that Nest could be getting ready to unveil a new smart thermostat that could be cheaper than what the company is offering at the moment, and it looks like the rumors were true because Nest has since announced a new, redesigned, and more affordable thermostat in the form of the Thermostat E.

Starting with the redesign, Nest has changed the look of the thermostat by making it simpler and more subtle. This has resulted in a white exterior ring and a frosted display, which according to Nest is designed to help it blend into your home. It is also said to be easier to read as the frosted display won’t let light in, meaning that you won’t have to worry about glare from your other lights.

Apart from the redesign, the Thermostat E is expected to function similarly to the other Nest smart thermostat, at least in its core functionality where users will be able to select pre-set schedules. The Thermostat E is also smart enough to learn your schedules over time and can detect when no one is home to help save energy.

There will also be an accompanying app to allow users to adjust the temperature using their phone, computer, smartwatch, or even using voice assistants like Google Assistant via the Google Home or with Amazon Alexa. Like we said, the Thermostat E is also meant to be a cheaper alternative and will be priced at $169 and will be available via Nest’s website.

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