As you know Google owns Nest, and recently the company announced that they would be merging Nest with their hardware team. However it looks like it didn’t take too long for Nest to start reaping some of the benefits of being part of Google’s hardware team because the Nest Cam IQ indoor has recently gotten an update which some of you might appreciate.

This update will bring Google Assistant to the camera which means that just like launching Google Assistant on other devices, all users have to say is the “OK Google” command to activate it. From there they will be able to command the assistant to do all kinds of things that Google Assistant would be able to normally do.

According to Nest, “To launch the Google Assistant on your Nest Cam IQ indoor, just say ‘OK Google’ followed by your query or command. So you can raise the temperature on your Nest thermostat by saying ‘Hey Google, make it warmer.’ Or ask your Assistant to create calendar appointments and reminders.”

The update to the Nest Cam IQ indoor will be a free one and all users have to do is download the update via OTA and they’ll be good to go. At the moment the new feature will be available only in the US.

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