First Trailer For Stranger Things 3 Has Been Released

There are quite a few original shows that Netflix has received a lot of praise for and Stranger Things is one of them. It shot to instant popularity when it first came out and so far, the online streaming giant has released two seasons. A new season is due to come out soon and Netflix has now released the first Stranger Things 3 trailer.

Netflix Confirms They Won’t Be Part Of Apple’s Streaming Service

Apple has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 25th of March where the company is largely expected to unveil the new video streaming service. The service is expected to play home to Apple’s own original content, as well as act as a hub where users can subscribe to other streaming services as well.

You vs. Wild Is Netflix’s Next Interactive Show Starring Bear Grylls

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first attempt at making interactive content which allowed viewers to choose their own ending. It was well received and Netflix said that it would make more interactive content down the line. The company today confirmed its next such show. It’s called You vs. Wild and it stars Bear Grylls.

Purdue University Bans Netflix In Academic Buildings

Don’t expect to catch up on your favorite shows during class if you go to Purdue University. That’s because the university has decided to ban Netflix and other streaming services in academic buildings. This ban extends to music streaming services as well in academic buildings on the West Lafayette, Ind., campus. The ban obviously applies if the students are using the university Wi-Fi.


Netflix Interested In Making More Interactive Shows

Netflix has had considerable success with its Choose Your Own Adventure-style title Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Multiple endings were filmed and the choices that viewers made during the course of the episode affected the outcome. It was certainly a unique experience as this style of interaction is common with games, not TV shows. With the success of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix now feels that it should be making more interactive shows.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lineup Gets HDR Certification For Netflix

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 being the latest and greatest phones from Samsung, it’s not surprising that their handsets would eventually get HDR certified by Netflix. If you are using any of the models that were recently announced, including the lower-end Galaxy S10e, Netflix has updated its support page where it lists all the Galaxy S10 handsets as being HDR compatible.

New Arrested Development Episodes Air March 15th On Netflix

Netflix has been the new home for Arrested Development for a couple of years now. The streaming giant has kept one of its first few semi-originals around and has confirmed that new Arrested Development episodes will be out next month. This will be the second half of the show’s fifth season which arrives ten months after the first half.

Netflix’s Remaining Marvel TV Shows Have Been Officially Cancelled

When Netflix first canceled Iron Fist and Luke Cage, it was speculated that it could be because the shows weren’t doing as well compared to the other Marvel TV shows. However, when Daredevil was canceled, it was clear that Netflix was cleaning house of its Marvel TV shows ahead of Disney+ launching.

This Extension Helps You Learn A New Language While You Watch Netflix

Learning a new language can be fun, but we imagine that attending classes or reading a book can be a bit boring. However there is some good news for those looking to learn a new language. There is a Chrome extension which when installed, will help users learn a new language while watching their favorite Netflix show.

Upcoming ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Could Premiere On Netflix

The way AMC’s Breaking Bad ended was kind of perfect in terms of television. Given that most shows tend to run for longer than they should and end with sometimes unsatisfying endings, Breaking Bad’s series finale was actually very well done. However for those who want to know what happened after that, you might have heard that a Breaking Bad movie is in the works.

Netflix Smart Downloads Feature Arrives On iOS

The Netflix Smart Downloads feature was launched for the Android version of its mobile app last year. The feature will enable the app to automatically delete downloaded episodes that the user has already watched and replace them with the next episode of that show when they’re connected to Wi-Fi. This feature allowed users to maximize storage space on their device will ensure that they had the latest episodes of their […]

Disney’s Captain Marvel Will Not Be Coming To Netflix

Netflix is currently home to several Marvel movies which have been released and made available on the streaming platform for those who might want to rewatch them, or who might have missed out on watching it in the cinema. However Disney’s upcoming Captain Marvel will not be making that cut.

Analyst Thinks That Apple Should Acquire Netflix

Apple is currently developing their own video streaming platform. The company has been going around acquiring shows to add to its catalogue, but despite Apple’s size and resources, this has to be a daunting task given that the company doesn’t really have much experience in that field, since streaming would be a different ballgame compared to selling shows and movies ala carte.

Netflix Releases Trailer For Upcoming ‘Umbrella Academy’ Series

If you love superheroes, there is a good chance that you might have heard of the comic book series Umbrella Academy. While the series itself is pretty good, what brought attention to it was the fact that the series was co-written by Gerard Way who before that was known for being the lead singer of rock band My Chemical Romance.