Netflix Removes Suicide Scene From 13 Reasons Why

The first season of 13 Reasons Why had a pretty graphic suicide scene which showed three minutes of Hanna taking her own life. With the show’s third season about to arrive, the team and Netflix have decided to remove the suicide scene from the first season, after taking advice from medical experts.

Marvel Will Be Auctioning Props From Its Netflix Shows

As many of you have heard by now, all of Marvel’s Netflix shows have been pulled from the streaming platform. If you love the props that were used in the shows, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Marvel plans on holding an auction in which some of the props in the shows will be auctioned off.

‘Friends’ Will Be Leaving Netflix At The End Of 2019

Back in 2015, “Friends” was released on Netflix. While the series has ended its run years ago, the fact that it is still one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time means that many still tune in to watch or rewatch it. However, according to a report from last year, it was suggested that the series could be leaving Netflix soon.

Netflix Developing ‘Cuphead’ Animated Series

Cuphead is a challenging indie game that has proven to be quite popular in recent years. It has developed its very own cult following so much so that Tesla is now releasing a Cuphead game for its in-car display. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that Netflix is now developing an animated series for Cuphead.


Stranger Things 3 Watched By Over 40 Million Netflix Accounts So Far

Netflix has ever so slowly begun to pull back the curtain on the performance of its original content. The company has always guarded the viewership numbers of its content very closely. Not long after the company revealed that its Murder Mystery movie racked up a record 30.9 million views, it has now revealed that Stranger Things 3 has been viewed by over 40 million accounts so far.

Genius Chrome Extension Disguises Netflix As A Hangout

Do you have a habit of watching Netflix at work? While it’s not something that’s recommended lest your boss finds out and you get in trouble of slacking off, but for those who do, there’s a genius new Chrome extension now which will disguise your Netflix stream as part of a Hangouts chat. So it would appear at first glance that you’re merely in a hangouts call with multiple people.

Netflix’s Pacific Rim Anime Will Be Arriving In 2020

If you’re a fan of the Pacific Rim franchise and wouldn’t mind seeing more of it, then you might be pleased to learn that Netflix has recently confirmed that they will be launching a new anime series based on the Pacific Rim series of movies in 2020, and that the series has also been confirmed to run for at least two seasons.

Microsoft’s Tease Of ‘Windows 1.0’ Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Microsoft’s Windows platform has come a very long way since its release, and at the moment we are currently on version 10, or Windows 10, if you’d rather. However, recently Microsoft sent out a rather confusing tease in which the company seemed like they might be gearing up for “Windows 1.0”.

New Photos From Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Series Emerge

If you’re a fan of The Witcher series of video games and/or books, then you might have heard that Netflix is currently developing a TV series based on the franchise. It was previously revealed that Henry Cavill had been cast as Geralt and we caught a glimpse at what the character could look like.

Netflix May Not Spend Liberally On Original Content Anymore

Netflix has invested billions of dollars in original content over the past few years. It has undertaken big budget projects which included experimental shows and period dramas that had hefty production costs. The days of its liberal spending on original content may be coming to an end as Netflix will reportedly be more careful with its finances going forward.

Netflix To Adapt Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ Into A TV Series

Neil Gaiman is one of the most celebrated fantasy/fiction authors around at the moment, and several of his works have been turned into TV series and movies. For example there was the Stardust movie, the Coraline animated movie, American Gods, and more recently, Amazon picked up Good Omens (a book he wrote with Terry Prachett) and made that into a TV series as well.

‘The Office’ Will Be Leaving Netflix In 2021

If there is a reason why Netflix is investing so heavily into its own content, it is because we imagine that they’d rather not be at the mercy of other studios who may or may not decide to renew their licensing deals with the company. A good example of that happening would be with “The Office” TV series.

Netflix Testing A Pop-out Player For The Desktop

Many of us would like to watch Netflix while we do other things at the same time. Netflix may soon make it easier to do that on our desktops. The company has reportedly started testing a pop-out player which will enable users to stream their favorite TV show or movie in a picture-in-picture environment on the desktop.

Netflix Hack Vibrates Your Phone During Intense Onscreen Action

Netflix Hack Day is what the company calls its internal hackathon. Employees get together and work on some amazing ideas which could eventually make their way into new projects. Earlier hacks have included a Netflix app for the original NES and a Fitbit back which shuts Netflix off when you fall asleep. At this year’s Hack Day, employees leveraged smartphones’ haptic technology to make a phone vibrate so you can […]